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Thread: Worldly practices like inappropriate pics can end badly for you

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    Default Worldly practices like inappropriate pics can end badly for you

    Some worldly practices are going on and as always it's better to avoid them. People always mess up but these days it's easier for your mess ups to harm you much more. There's a trend among people to take inappropriate pictures of yourself and send it to a boyfriend/girlfriend or even random people on the net.

    As we've seen, people have ended up taking their own lives after other people used it against them and sent it to their friends and family. The right thing to do is follow God's standards of not acting in a sexual way with anyone but your husband or wife after you are married.

    Don't take part in these sinful practices at all because it can hurt you big time. You might think it's safe but it's actually really dangerous. For example the app called Snap Chat. It's an app where people send pictures to each other and the picture is meant to delete itself after a certain amount of time so it can't be stored. People thought the app was safe, but someone found a way to recover the deleted images sent on the app, so it turns out any images you sent can be recovered and kept: here's a link to the story about that.

    Also, another trap is that this is illegal depending on your age.. it can actually put you on the offenders registry for many years if you send photos to someone else while you are too young. If someone is victimizing you by spreading your pictures around and you are underage then what they are doing is illegal.

    None of these things are safe. If you take the picture, it could be out there forever. Deleting it off your computer doesn't help: Deleted files can be recovered, meaning if you ever sell that computer, they could potentially recover the images (unless they were overwritten). Your computer could end up stolen or someone could access it and steal your private files. Your account could get compromised and people could see all the things you have sent in your email account and download files. You could lose your phone or have it stolen. The files can be stolen off a computer or laptop even if it's password protected. Storing things online is never safe as the owner of the site can see all the files and even if they are private, many sites have vulnerabilities that mean they could be seen if the site is attacked. If you've done this you should delete them asap, even if you have only send them by email.

    Sending it to a person is no good, NO MATTER how much you trust them.. You never know what will happen in the months and years in the future and they could share it with their friends and spread it around. Even if they don't mean to share them, someone could steal their computer or go on it when they are not around and see the pictures and steal them.

    There was a guy recently who broke up with a girl and she posted private pictures of him on his Facebook took control of his accounts.

    Girls have ended up having people threatening to release their photos if they don't comply with demands. If that happens to you, the best thing you can do is call the authorities, tell your parents, tell someone. Don't give in to the demands because they will only use THAT against you as well and have more stuff on you, and they will target others later.. You are better off telling someone.. Your parents will understand- everyone makes dumb mistakes in life but that doesn't give someone else the right to demand things of you and threaten to release what they have. What they are doing is illegal and you should go to the authorities so they can bring a stop to it, and stop the person from victimizing someone else.

    Also, if you find yourself in a bad situation you can repent and pray for help and God will rescue you. He really will.

    Just wanted to throw a warning out there cos according to the media, a very high percentage of people are falling into this trap and it can end really badly.

    "The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth." - Psalm 145:18

    No one who hopes in you will ever be put to shame, but shame will come on those who are treacherous without cause." - Psalm 25:3
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