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Thread: SNOWY christmas, or SUMMER christmas?

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    Talking SNOWY christmas, or SUMMER christmas?

    Hi all, Merry Christmas!!!
    I live in Australia, and i have never had a snowy Christmas, here in OZ, its all singlet shorts and thongs beach BBQ and camping!!!!, relies, late arvo swims and joking around. thats the ozzie tradition as well as the waterfront carols, held by the local church, and lights trees and decoration spotting we have a HUGE dinner that includes of a BBQ, a turkey a ham, seafood, loads of salad and vegies, fresh fruit and dessert!!! this all goes on on, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and boxing day!! all of which are heaps hot days and great for the beach or waterfight!!, Most of all in my familyChristmas celebrates the Birth of Jesus a baby, but dont forget He grew up and said some powerfull stuff, then died on the cros for our sins!!!

    BUT does an ozzie Christmas sound different to yours? Tell us about your christmas, the food, the tradition, the weather!! etc!

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    Default Re: SNOWY christmas, or SUMMER christmas?

    Like both. It was cold but not too cold but we had sun. I had ribs, corn, mashed potatoes, then on Christmas day i had tamales.
    We're all unique here

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