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Thread: do am i in the right path ?

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    Default do am i in the right path ?

    i had been praying in the past four years about the direction God wanted to go. since last year, I felt like this was it, it was a time to move to new pharase. I changed job, I moved to new cities. I felt like it was God's will after long waited. But during trasition process, it was so hard. Then I felt like maybe I was not ready, felt like want to turn back. I thought when I step to new season, everthing will come easier. But no, at all, so many challenges in the way. Then I started questioning am I really in the right path ?. I am getting desperate about my business. I thought if it was God's will then it will be as easy as that but... I don't know anymore

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    Default Re: do am i in the right path ?

    God must challenge us all to know if we are truly worthy, take a look at job he was tested very harshly im his life but he stayed true yo god in his belief and he was rewarded in life and in the afterlife because of it

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    Default Re: do am i in the right path ?

    Sometimes God leads us to difficult times, but He allows the difficulty in order to bless us and those around us. -​ Hebrews 12

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