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Thread: Hows your spiritual walk doing?

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    Default Hows your spiritual walk doing?

    Over the past 5 years, how do you see your relationship with Christ?
    For example:
    I started out really bold and proud that I was in Christ....
    Now I am weak and bend with the wind....

    Hopefully you are doing better than me I was just wondering on how this communities relationship with Christ is going.
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    Default Re: Hows your spiritual walk doing?

    I would say that it has improved from 5 years ago. I feel closer to God and now pray, read and study the bible on a daily basis with my wife and try to apply what I learn in my everyday life and especially with regards to my wife.
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    Default Re: Hows your spiritual walk doing?

    Started strong, got weak over time, now on an upward slope but still failing lol.

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    Default Re: Hows your spiritual walk doing?

    I've been saved for only 7 months but I can say that I started out very weak, i cried a lot, stumbled and fell a lot, God had to interfere a lot and stop me from eating (spiritual) poison, just like a true baby, hahaha.

    I also got some demon attacks during my first week of salvation due to my past, which actually scared me more into God's arms, so I'm happy (thankful) about that.

    Only in the past month or so i started ''coming out'' as a christian (i used to be a liberal, lgbt supporting, new age-occultist) and I've been attacked by some people, had my faith shaken a bit, but those instances were only hammer hits God used to make me more sturdy and durable. He sure has been trying my faith in the fire a lot.

    I love it though. I love being put under pressure like that. As hard and painful as it can be, it's where I get most of my growth from. My tendency towards perfectionism and the desperation for truth and understanding i had in the beginning of my walk (still do), also caused God to show me MANY things, I know some christians who have been saved for 5+ or 10+ years who didnt know some stuff I got the privilege to learn about in my very very short christian life.

    **I was raised in a christian household and in a christian elementary school, but i renounced christianity at age 12, so it's not entirely new to me. But in a way, it is. I don't recall experiencing the faith like this at all.

    All the gods i used to worship fade in God's presence, I finally have a God that actually talks back to me!
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    Default Re: Hows your spiritual walk doing?

    I've had quite a spiritual growth experience recently,ironically after my bro and his wife started thinking about leaving our church,now I can't go back because I have no ride there yet now I have the holy spirit abundantly and go to an awesome church so I'm doing great spiritually!
    God I'm your servant to command have your holy spirit guide my actions!
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    Default Re: Hows your spiritual walk doing?

    5 years ago I was still convinced the Christian notion of God was a bunch of malarkey.

    That has changed over the years. I won't say what I feel now, mainly because I don't care to deal with the self-appointed crown-seekers who feel it is their personal duty to instruct me, but it's sufficient to say I don't feel now what I felt years ago. Although, I still don't think about God in the same way as most people here at CC do. spiritual status is "unsure", and probably always will be.

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