At times, we are pressed on all sides, having to deal with one challenge after the other, which causes us to feel overwhelmed. It's easy to find our thoughts preoccupied with doubts and questions, wondering what we did wrong, or where we missed God. If that truly is the case, you can trust the Holy Spirit to show you where to step back and make amendments. However, more often than not, the enemy manipulates circumstances and puts on the pressure in order to tempt us to worry and fear, and even doubt God's Word concerning us. For every believer, this is a very dangerous place to be. If we allow fear to gain a foothold in our lives, it will neutralise our faith and cause the Word of God to have no effect in our lives (Mark 4:19). That's why we need to constantly build ourselves up in the Lord and the truth of His Word. It will become our refuge and stronghold in times of trouble.

The Holy Spirit will show us which promises to stand on and how to act in every circumstance. Our confidence in Him and His Word will keep our minds in peace and strengthen our faith. As we speak His Words from this position, every circumstance will come into line with the will of God. So when the pressure is on, don't fall for the devil's tactic of filling your heart and mind with worry and distress, rather fill your mind with thoughts of your Heavenly Father's faithfulness, stand your ground in Him, and the victory is yours.