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Thread: Love is not a feeling - It is a choice!

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    Default Love is not a feeling - It is a choice!

    Dear Young Adults,

    For some time I've been watching my generation (me included) being victims of manipulation from Hollywood movies, literature, and music, focusing on the fruits instead of the work it takes it takes to bear them.

    We often see movies about love but they rarely portray love at all, often they just portray fulfillment of desire, success, freedom, and self-sufficiency. They usually only show the fruits but not the hard work that it takes.

    Therefore we find a Christian youth that is without a compass in the modern world. We are taught to enjoy and receive, not to put in hard work. When we care for someone, we are quick to throw them out of our lives if things get hard, because we realize that this friendship isn't as in the movies - it isn't free.

    Love is a choice and a costly one, if you think that it is free to love someone, you have clearly been manipulated too. Love is about sacrifice, it is about giving yourself away it is simply the costliest choice you can make in your life. Jesus paid with his life and we should follow his example if we are ever in the position.

    Love is not a cute girl or boy at your college telling you he/she loves you because that statement might get what they desire from you. Real love is about working 60 hours a week to send your kids to school, love is cutting your food budget down to bread and water so your friend can have a home, love is about forgiving a cheating partner and swallowing your pride, love is about putting hard work in when required.

    Please comment or share a testimony of someone you know, who has truly proven their love through actions.

    God bless!
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