I come from china, please forgive my poor english.
I know a lot of young people in china want to learn english through the internet, nowadays they choose to use the mobile app such as Hellotalk to find a lauguage partner to improve english. And i have also tried this app recently.
I think it's a great opportunity to preach the gospel by the mobile app. People in china trust the christians abroad than before even he is a stranger because of the belief in God.
For me, i want to find a christian chat app to discuss the faith and improve my english at the same time. however, i only find this website, still thanks be to the God, it's not forbidden in china like many other websites. I hope such website or app will be popular in china.
I will be appreciated If you can kindly recommend me a christian chat app or help me to improve my english, as i didn't have many chances here to communicate with the native speakers.
and i will be definitely glad to help you to learn chinese if you want. please do not hesitate to contact me. hope we can be good friends in the lord Jesus christ and help each other.