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Thread: Music 4 the heart

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    Smile Music 4 the heart

    This is going to be a forum about music. What kind of music you like, if you play instruments, if you write music etc... I am an aspiring musician. I play the piano and have since I was 6. I play by ear now. I write my own music and currently am trying to teach myself guitar. Please let me know what you think of this. We will also be talking about what music was like back in the Bible. Don't you think it interesting that back then in the Bible when God answered prayers for Moses and Israel that they sung and danced for God? and when David killed Goliath, they sung and danced with tamberines etc...? Now adays we sing songs for God like it is killing us! let me know what you think of this. Thanx!


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    I am a Music Freak. but only on the listening side of it, as I don't yet play any instruments.

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    I've got a pretty musical family (Dad on the acoustic, my sis on the violin and me on the cello) and I think it's fantastic you're writing music for God! I agree with what you said about worship's just not enjoyed like it should be. Personally, I think we should start singing biblical hymns again-I mean they're there and waiting for us to sing, so I don't know why churches have tossed them out...Modern worship music's great, but I fear a lot of it is getting lost in the know, in trendiness. What do you think?

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    tee hee, i play the piano too, by ear XD but not like crazy mozart =P
    and well.. i already released my very first album, and that was like.. 2 years ago. lol. i wasnt on cc yet,
    and the album was for free,. BUT, only my sister and I, were able to have it LOLhaha

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    i LOVE music, i have started writing songs i sing and i play the drums!

    i also work the soundboard and i fiddle around with the piano and guitar!!!!!!!!!!

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    I play bass guitar and I sing. I am learning guitar, keys and drums.

    I write music and lyircs.

    I love all music, no joke, everything: country, rap, disco, 50's- present day stuff, HXC, soul, blues, jazz, classical, acoustic, etc.


    anyone ever wanna talk music, I am so there!!!!!!!

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    As for me, include me too!
    Music is in my family practically. Me and my siblings are in the music ministry (youth) at my church.
    I play bass guitar and violin....and alittle of guitar, piano, and drums. Going to learn to play the cello soon. I also sing.
    I play by ear and reading the notes.... I do both. Right now I am working on playing a piano solo piece by Mozart by ear, and surprisingly, looking at the music sheet was I SO close! Still working on it though.
    I do also compose music. It is so awesome!
    I am in a band.

    The music that I like would be instrumental, like jazz and classical music....and christian music: praise and worship, gospel, alternative

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    i like music but i cant play anything! lol
    I can sing but not well.
    and i write poems that would make good songs, but they never turn into songs! lol!

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    I'm a piano player and currently have three songs composed. I enjoy all music and let myself go when I listen to it.

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