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How do I use the voice chat?

After you log into the chat room, if the voice chat is successfully connected, a microphone icon will appear in the lower left hand corner of the chat interface. Simply click and hold down the microphone icon to speak. The first time you click the icon, it will ask permission to use your microphone. Grant the permission, then you can simply hold down the microphone button/icon anytime you want to speak. For one second or less it may say "Requesting mic....". Wait for the confirmation message "YOU are speaking" before you actually start talking. (If it says "Someone else got the mic!", then wait for that person to stop speaking, and try again.)

How do I make my chat avatar/photo display when I speak on the microphone?

Go to the User Control Panel and choose Edit Avatar from the menu on the left, and then follow the instructions for uploading a custom chat avatar.

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