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Thread: My marriage failing

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    Default Re: My marriage failing

    Quote Originally Posted by Timawas-girl View Post
    How do you know when to hold on and when to let go?
    Let go and let God. Push for him to move out, push for the answers you need, concerning finances, children etc. One thing is certain in this situation. God did not intend for this to happen, and it certainly was not, nor never will be his will. The man is completely deceived. I wish for you peace and well being , and I pray that you find someone who is worthy of your love.
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    All things work together for them who are called acccording to His purpose.
    Romans 8:28

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    Default Re: My marriage failing

    The devil is working overtime to break up the family bond. I would start praying every day for the Holy Spirit to change your husband's heart. I believe in miracles, and I believe that your husband can change. I would encourage you and your husband to find Marriage Counseling like Hope Restored. I know you are going through a difficult time, but I just said a prayer that the Holy Spirit will guide and direct you! Blessings to you and your sweet children!
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    Default Re: My marriage failing

    What I learnt is that you have to be grateful for that relationship, you have to be grateful for having met him and him being in your life, and out of that comes grace, and out of grace forgiveness. Your anger and hurt doesn't really do much, apart from give you a heavy burden and make you suffer. Time to overcome the suffering which comes from within, by replacing it with grace which comes from within. A starting point is thinking about your beautiful daughter who exists because you met him right? If God is in charge of things, then in being grateful, we are saying thank you God for what you brought into my life, with it's challenges, to show me how to be more graceful within myself.
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    Well I've never been married but the bible says when you get married you and your spouse"are as one"so you are to care for each other as yourselves,if he is determined to leave for someone else then he has chosen to be apart from you though what he cannot accept is that you two were joined together forever just as GOP said and a divorce is false according to Jesus because"what God hath joined together cannot be torn asunder" so you see what he hates is that you two are bound forever and he wants out,so there is nothing you can do aside from prayer because he doesn't Love You anymore and wants foolishness instead of righteousness,so sadly if he stays determined then it is best for you to let him go get iniquity as he desires,as for yourself try to just not let this trouble you and move forward with God for since "no man" is the authority any long in your household,you'll just have to carry on for God without him that's all.
    God I'm your servant to command have your holy spirit guide my actions!
    If you don't believe in true love then please don't tell me not to believe in it because I believe it to be real.
    Jesus your sacrifice is worth more than everyone's works.
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