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Thread: Happy Daddy's day!

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    Default Happy Daddy's day!

    The greatest gift from God... our Dad
    Give them your best big special hug today yay!

    Happy Father's to all!May God's blessings be with you all in a special way today!
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    Default Re: Happy Daddy's day!

    Dance with my Father
    Luther Vandross

    Back when I was a child
    Before life removed all the innocence
    My father would lift me high
    And dance with my mother and me and then
    Spin me around 'till I fell asleep
    Then up the stairs he would carry me
    And I knew for sure
    I was loved

    If I could get another chance
    Another walk
    Another dance with him
    I'd play a song that would never ever end
    How I'd love love love
    To dance with my father again

    When I and my mother
    Would disagree
    To get my way I would run
    From her to him
    He'd make me laugh just to comfort me
    Yeah yeah
    Then finally make me do
    Just what my mama said
    Later that night when I was asleep
    He left a dollar under my sheet
    Never dreamed that
    He would be gone from me

    If I could steal one final glance
    One final step
    One final dance with him
    I'd play a song that would never ever end
    Cause I'd love love love to
    Dance with my father again

    Sometimes I'd listen outside her door
    And I'd hear how mama would cry for him
    I'd pray for her more than me
    I'd pray for her more than me

    I know I'm praying for much to much
    But could you send her
    The only man she loved
    I know you don't do it usually
    But Dear Lord
    She is dying to dance with my father again

    Every night I fall asleep
    And this is all I ever dream
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    Default Re: Happy Daddy's day!

    awww such a nice sentiment.
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    God I'm your servant to command have your holy spirit guide my actions!
    If you don't believe in true love then please don't tell me not to believe in it because I believe it to be real.
    Jesus your sacrifice is worth more than everyone's works.
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