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Thread: If a Westerner became a Filipino

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    Default If a Westerner became a Filipino

    Should a Westerner who was born, lived and died in a progressive country such as Western European nations, Canada, US or Australia resent God if He was given a chance to live again on earth but this time is he or she will be a Filipino in the Philippines which is known in Asia Pacific as a poor nation because it is very rampant in corruption, drugs and crimes?

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    Default Re: If a Westerner became a Filipino

    Hi! Brother

    I don't know what's the purpose of this thread but I am sure they won't think of resenting God because they become a Filipino (if given a chance to become a Filipino)

    I know some foreign Nationals(came from the 1st world countries) who live in the Philippines contented happy and enjoying the beautiful Philippines

    There is a good ,bad and ugly side to living in every country...either you are in a rich country or poor country in my opinion... in the Philippines is not really that bad jameen... Yeah there are not so nice things in Philippines but boy! I missed Philippines so much all about Philippines the traffic,the crowded train during the rush hour,the street food my big and loud family and relatives and a lot more
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    Default Re: If a Westerner became a Filipino

    Maybe you should try to live the Filipino way. You might be surprised. It is a poor country but people here are dying to be alive. The suicide rate is lower than rich countries. Being rich is not everything. Family is more important. Filipinos treat each other as family that's why they are always proud to be pinoy when they see a successful filipino. And our country is like paradise with all those beautiful beaches and islands. Corruption, crimes and drugs are now being minimized so people are now focusing on progress and development.
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