God has hub and myself in the 'wilderness' right now, and we were pleasantly surprised when
He made, ALL of the puzzle-pieces fit together and we actually broke bread with two of the
most amazing people that we have ever known - anyway, hub and I went over the edge and
wanted to 'give-back' to them for all of the times that they gave been so kind to us, so,
we saw that Publix was selling - American grown, sock-eye salmon' 'fresh-frozen', -
it went on sale at Publix for $9.99lb...we bough about 2lbs. and had these
wonderful people over for a 'feast', this was the first time we had been able to buy it -
it sells at Wal-Mart for around $17.lb. -
Hello, TY Jesus, it was all so beautiful and the fellowship
was just there! - Love ya all, B&B