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Thread: Herb-seasoned campfire chicken

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    Default Herb-seasoned campfire chicken

    A basic and delicious open-air dish if you're planning to go camping. Learned this from my dad and I tried twice with a success rate of 50%.

    1) Take a bowl and add the following: boneless meat(chicken), cut onions, sliced bell peppers, potatoes and small amounts of sliced mushroom.

    2) Add olive oil and lemon juice to the mix. I prefer olive oil.

    3) Include herb seasonings or spices for flavour enhancement. [This is the first time I've tried herb seasonings]

    4) Now, the contents have to be wrapped with an aluminium foil. Make sure you wrap around the edges tightly.

    5) Cook in campfire coals till the point when the chicken and potatoes turn soft. It takes about thirty minutes.

    Serve it with some hot sauce. Enjoy! I think it's generally called Fajitas. The recipe also appears to have many variants.

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    Default Re: Herb-seasoned campfire chicken

    I do this on my oven... just make sure potatoes are cut not too big!

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    Default Re: Herb-seasoned campfire chicken

    This sounds nommy nom nom..

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