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Thread: Culture

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    Anyone wants to share a cultural detail from India here relating to Bible you are welcome. I noticed a few Indians in other threads, so share your thoughts here. When I grew up in In India we always had to obey our parents, which is a commandment in the Bible. Even to this day, when my dad asks me to do something for him, I do it. Of course as I am much older now it became a habit to do as my parent requests. But when I was a teenager I was a rebellious kid and tried to show my attitude towards their discipline. I faced my punishment for my attitude but you know what goes on in the mind of a teenager.
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    I've had a classmate from india long ago, very nice young lady.. then some students also from tamil nadu in an institute where i worked. Very friendly and helpful, thats what i remembered.

    Part of Filipino culture is saying po and opo to say yes respectfully to elders.. Recently however, you still hear the words, but the actions may be disrespectful already. All in all, theres still much respect for elders, however, and calling them by first name isnt in fact something we do, like a grandparent or even stranger, who is called sir or maam, esp foreign visitors. this is also changing now i see, esp when u think u may be sir-ing a terrorist already=(.
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