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Thread: differences between native american culture and Indian culture

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    Default Re: differences between native american culture and Indian culture

    Quote Originally Posted by Didymous View Post
    There are hundreds of different tribes in North America.
    That may be true but there are only 12 tribes of Israel.
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    Default Re: differences between native american culture and Indian culture

    I tried to reply a few hours ago, so here we go again...

    Native Americans are tribal people. Their culture (lifestyle, food habits, language, religion, livelihood, etc.) and their history (cultural history, relationship with American government, etc.) are very different from that of people of mainstream culture of India. Its like finding the differences between apples and oranges.

    However, there are tribes in India that are as rich and colourful as the Native American. Some of them are the Nagas, Khasis, Jaintias, Garos, Mizos, etc. So, you may find many differences but you may also be surprised by the many similarities as well.

    Also, in India, there are people groups that are not identified by the term tribe but by the term adivasi (original dweller). Therefore, in India, we have different definitions for adivasis and tribes, even though tribes may also be original dwellers. Most tribes are found in North East India while most adivasis are found in other areas of India.

    One similarity is the fact that the tribes of the Americas and that of India is that prior to European or Western expansion they were ruled and governed by their own clan, chiefs and councils leadership and laws. In the case of India after the Europeans left many tribal areas became part of India by manipulation, political acts, and even military threats, etc.

    The adivasis, however, never had a chance since they lived in parts of India where they were already considered as Indians.

    Therefore, there are insurgents in North East India who demand separation from India.

    What do you think? Should I share some more?

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    Default Re: differences between native american culture and Indian culture

    I'm 50℅ Karuk, and my tribe didn't worship nature, but believed in a Creator. Anyone can google native American, but to really know them would require meeting each of the 500+ federally recognized tribes in the U. S., and who knows how many unrecognized ones. Most tribes are as different from each other as Americans are to the people in other foreign countries. There are more laws concerning Indians in the united States than any ethnic group-even though they are one of the smallest per capita.

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