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February 4, 1958 (60)
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Harold Jr.
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was called at age 8 by the Lord
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Alaska [USA]
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"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning." (James 1:17)
I wanted to update this as of September 3rd,2017, to keep it more serious, since the world is getting more serious.
I have lived in Alaska for 55 years (arrived at age 2, lived out of state for 2 years in WA- 2011-2013). The picture is from Flat-top mountain overlooking a mountain valley just east of the city. One time I was caught in a major flash thunderstorm on the mountain. Dashing down the mountain fearing for my life with lightning flashing everywhere, I said the 23rd Psalm and seriously thought I was going to die.

I was briefly married in 2016 to an Inupiaq lady my age who lived in the same building. It was not well thought out and was a poor stewardship of relationships. If a couple are deeply in love with one another, a rushed marriage might work out, but, this was a legal union with the delusional hope it would guard against fornication. Rushing into a marriage which is supposed to be a sacred commitment just hoping for the best, is really just madness. It was like being blindsided by a hurricane, or a freight train, and I have never been so emotionally abused in my life, except by an oldest sibling, and a few others. Who is the best example of enduring the abuse of others? Christ commanded us to forgive all who have offended us, and this begins with just a simple decision to do so and give it over to God.

But, having said that, although this one wasn't a good example, without persecuting suffering people, traditional marriage between a man and a woman is meant to be a sacred commitment and is the foundation of all civilization, especially within the Christian community, and this will never change, because it is a core reality of life-- changeless like the sun. It's also changeless (words spoken by Jesus--the Word of God is eternal--While God as Creator may not be identified as male or female, Jesus the Son is, as Mary His Mother is a lady, although not sharing His divine nature) that we are not supposed to judge or persecute other suffering people, but have compassion, or we can end up being judged in the same way we judge them.

I have siblings from birth, who I did not grow up with. Relations either unraveled, mostly due to my social issues related to autism and PTSD, or friendships never materialized. A standing invitation is extended to contact me. I am awed by their accomplishments in life and families. You can trust me! I don't sue people-- I honor requests of confidentiality. But, I'm not psychic--

Love the ocean and walking on the beach; Love birds; Used to fly an ultralight--exciting last flight; Hiking in the mountains; Like most kinds of music, but Christian contemporary is my favorite kind of music, and also Russian hymns, and some American country, as well as other types of music.
Life is already real--Jesus just made it eternal.

Survivor of depression--God's love and Light is way stronger than the bad stuff, the darkness of depression. Getting into the scriptures, especially the Psalms, is a good first step to stepping into the Light. Psalm 143 talks about the depths of depression experienced by King David Psalm 119, even though it is the longest and most difficult, has been the most helpful in my recovery. I can be overwhelmed by dark oppression/depression, and by the time I reach the end of Psalm 119, I always feel better, sometimes it has a dramatic result. This should always be followed by the New Testament scriptures. But, the best teacher is just listening to what the Holy Spirit teaches us in the depths of suffering.

One thing that helps me is picturing myself on a cruise ship headed for Paradise. The only way on-board is a free-ticket. And it matters how we live on-board the ship. If I'm not feeling well, or if the sun is blocked by clouds, am i still on-board the ship? Is it my mind or heart that holds me on the ship, or a power greater than myself? Am I still on-board the ship if I'm incapacitated or ill, or asleep or fail to be perfect?

For us as Christians, the ship is represented by the New Covenant. God can, and does, but not always, reveal Himself gradually to those who turn to Him, especially to those of us who tend to be weaker in faith for various reasons, such as being wounded in childhood, or other life traumas, who has been revealed as a loving parent--Father and Mother.

Christians are all adopted into the family of faith--it can only be received as a free-gift. The Bible is clear: CRYSTAL. We have a humble assurance, not entitlement, if we are faithful to the end-zone relying on God's grace alone. St. Paul describes this as being married to the Kingdom of Heaven...

Just wanted to share stuff I learned over 59 years.
Talking about being a christian is bs. I used to be too good at it.

Being real in Christ is all that matters in these last days. It won't be enough to be almost saved; To almost care; To almost be real; To almost make it to Heaven.

My character has been as consistent as tablets of stone from Mt. Sinai, and the Lord has confirmed almost daily, that he will defend His servants to the end against those who falsely accuse them.

Jesus led me to this verse in my childhood Bible recently after demonstrating a consistent routing of all who oppose Him and His servants-- truly humbling is the revelation of the power of God! Watching the schemes of the enemies of God crumble before you-- "You have prepared a place of honor before me in the face of myenemies." (Pslam 23)

"For in Thee,LORD, I hope; Thou wilt answer,O LORD, my GOD. For I say: "Let them not rejoice over me, who, when my foot wavers, would puff themselves up against me." For I am ready to fall and my sorrow is continually before me. Surely I will confess my iniquity; I am anxious because of my sin. But my enemies are vigorous and strong, and many hate me wrongly. They repay me evil for good; they are hostile toward me because I aim at what is best. Forsake me not, O LORD; O my God, be not far from me. Make haste to help me, O LORD, my salvation." (Psalm 38: 15-22).

Happy birthday, my dearest friend-- last night, had a dream of you out of nowhere giving me a hug--

Three of the most powerful phrases people have said to me are:
1) "Please believe me..."
2) "I pray to be saved, and it helps."
3) "Well done," is what we want to hear from Jesus, not, "well said."
4) "Sometimes, God is driving."

"Please believe me," was said to me by a young lady who I had briefly befriended in the 90's after she was kicked out of a mental health hospital in helping her out with some new clothes and shoes. I was pretty depressed, distressed, and spaced out as usual back then, and in a mental health crisis of my own, and I looked up the street and saw a young lady walking towards me in these oversized boots. I asked her what she was doing, and she told me the story. So I took her back to the hospital and they just said, "sir, she is not happy here." So we took the bus to the store and I bought her some clothes and shoes, and, she suggested we should get married. I said we just met an hour ago. She didn't seem to be happy with my answer and said goodbye. But, in Sears, I was having a usual episode of inner weakness and anguish. She seemed to sense this through divine insight, and looked into my eyes and said the words straight from the heart of God that a suffering soul needed to hear:

"Please believe me."
This was Jesus speaking through her to people who suffer silently within themselves, saying to "please believe in Him," and to please "believe Him," when He says we are loved, forgiven, and accepted equally by God in the New Covenant. One pastor said, God can not,and will not reject anyone who truly turns to Him, because that would not be honoring His own Covenant. We are called to do the same, and as He, who can also be seen as a loving Mother, never gives up on us, we should always be willing to turn to Him, as a loving parent. Self-hatred and not trusting God, are forms of not honoring His Word, which can degrade into blaspheming our vows, and can be expressions of inner pride, counselors say, as well as inner wounds.

The second sentence that helped me believe, was spoken in a depression chat room, who said, "I pray to believe, and it helps." This is a wake up call, because if we pray to believe, we are saved, not just "helped," and become Christians, if we are serious about this restored relationship. But, it can also mean that we receive help to believe what we have already committed to.

The third statement, i heard the other day on Christian radio which really woke me up was, "we want Jesus to say, 'well done,' not 'well said,'" even though good teaching is vital, since I am always writing about Christian topics, which is a good thing. But, like the Apostle Paul, we have to back this up with equal action.

And, finally, a follow-up of something I wrote a while back about my recent failed marriage that I didn't enjoy sexuality. What i meant was that compatibility is important in any blessed intimate relationship, and that I just didn't enjoy that relationship, or sexual intimacy, not that I was not a heterosexual. That particular relationship was fornication-centered, which was not my intention. If/when I get married again, to a nice lady, it will be based on love, and casual, occasional sexuality would be a much lessor part of it, and begin in church.

This is too many words, but, I believe they are important words.

A fourth inspiring statement was said to me by my brother recently: "Sometimes, God is driving." He has been amazing me lately with his dramatic recovery and inner strength. Today, we experienced the power of ducks-- as the healing power of God. We have been arguing for decades and today a few ducks by a lake helped with family peace. I couldn't have made it without the enduring friendship of my bro--
A typical visit usually starts with intense yelling-- and like today, can end peacefully with ducks at a lake.
After three decades of mutual yelling, today i told him he had earned my respect. He said, "so, after a lifetime?"

I also wanted to finish what I said about being sorry for social mistakes that have contributed to other people giving up in life. Someone said, "so, you're REALLY sorry." "Why didn't you just say, 'It devastated me.'" It did. I quit that job for one. Every person who has ended their lives has devastated me, especially when I was not there to help them and could have been. I was devastated by a lot of things back then. A person an only handle so many hurricanes in life.
People can change. Ok?
It's not about being sorry for MY social mistakes.
It's about being sorry for the people who died, or relationshps that never were because I didn't care enough or didn't have enough courage to reach out to them or help them.

Update: I recently moved to an area called the Kenai Peninsula near the town of Kenai, and plan on moving south near the city of Kodiak, Alaska which is on an island.


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