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February 4, 1958 (59)
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Harold Jr.
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not married
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was called at age 8 by the Lord
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United States
Alaska [USA]
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"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning." (James 1:17)
Just a clarification about last night in chat:
NEVER DRINK AND CHAT!! (I'm claiming a trademark on that too--right here: Oct. 25, 2015)

Lived in Alaska for 53 years (arrived at age 2, lived out of state for 2 years). The picture is from Flat-top mountain overlooking a mountain valley just east of the city. One time I was caught in a major flash thunderstorm on the mountain. Dashing down the mountain fearing for my life with lightning flashing everywhere, I passed a young couple caught in a romantic moment oblivious to the dangerous storm-- I never forgot that! There's a message there too... Love is stronger than any storm...

While on the subject, while still unmarried, Christians must stand behind the sanctity of marriage, but without persecuting suffering people. Traditional marriage between a man and a woman is the foundation of all civilization, especially within the Christian community.

I have siblings from birth, who I did not grow up with. Relations either unraveled, mostly due to my social issues related to autism and PTSD, or friendships never materialized. A standing invitation is extended to contact me. I am awed by their accomplishments in life and families. You can trust me! I don't sue people-- I honor requests of confidentiality. But, I'm not psychic--

Love the ocean and walking on the beach; Love birds; Used to fly an ultralight--exciting last flight; Hiking in the mountains; Like most kinds of music, but Christian contemporary and American country are my favorites.
Life is already real--Jesus just made it eternal.

Survivor of depression--God's love and Light is way stronger than the bad stuff, the darkness of depression. Getting into the scriptures, especially the Psalms, is a good first step to stepping into the Light. Psalm 143 talks about the depths of depression experienced by King David Psalm 119, even though it is the longest and most difficult, has been the most helpful in my recovery. I can be overwhelmed by dark oppression/depression, and by the time I reach the end of Psalm 119, I always feel better, sometimes it has a dramatic result. This should always be followed by the New Testament scriptures.

Christians are all adopted into the family of faith--it can only be received as a free-gift. The Bible is clear: CRYSTAL. We have a humble assurance, not entitlement, if we are faithful to the end-zone relying on God's grace alone. St. Paul describes this as being married to the Kingdom of Heaven...

About depression: Probably 80% spiritual and 20% body chemistry.
Trying to treat the 80% with pills that help the 20% is like trying to heal the chicken by fixing the egg... O ---->
@-||< (this is a you like it?)

Movies: "Hoosiers," (high school basketball championship): "make it a good one..." "I'll make it."
Zefferilli's, "Brother Sun, Sister Moon," "I think you were crazy then, not now." (Claire).
"Date with an Angel," "How can anyone NOT love you?"

Super Bowl 2012 quotes:
#1--"There is no way to simulate the pressure of this situation."
"Can't do that, absolutely, positively, no chance of that happening."
Just wanted to share stuff I learned over 57 years).
Talking about being a christian is bs. I used to be too good at it.

(I need a lady who can say that to me all the time...but, I'm 57 now...she should be late 40-ish,-50-ish).
And, "I'm kinda tahrred--think Ahl go hoome now..." or to bed... Enough for now--
Just a thought on the last few years of my life and the upheaval caused by an official statement 3 years ago that I submitted during a period of duress after a mental health meltdown in which I was convinced that a supervisor was going to kill me, etc... I was also "convinced" that I had done wrong in an alcohol blackout some 30 years ago, and due to the honor of God, felt compelled to resolve it. After much reflection and discussion with many people, including social workers of the era, there is no reason whatsoever to conclude, or anyone else's concerns or opinions, that this was the case, other than I blacked out at a bar and got kicked out, chatted briefly with an african american hooker on the street on my way home and collapsed in an alley near the center to be found by one of my social workers in the morning who drove me home.

My character has been as consistent as tablets of stone from Mt. Sinai, and the Lord has confirmed almost daily, that he will defend His servants to the end against those who falsely accuse them.

Jesus led me to this verse in my childhood Bible recently after demonstrating a consistent routing of all who oppose Him and His servants-- truly humbling is the revelation of the power of God! Watching the schemes of the enemies of God crumble before you-- "You have prepared a place of honor before me in the face of myenemies." (Pslam 23)

"For in Thee,LORD, I hope; Thou wilt answer,O LORD, my GOD. For I say: "Let them not rejoice over me, who, when my foot wavers, would puff themselves up against me." For I am ready to fall and my sorrow is continually before me. Surely I will confess my iniquity; I am anxious because of my sin. But my enemies are vigorous and strong, and many hate me wrongly. They repay me evil for good; they are hostile toward me because I aim at what is best. Forsake me not, O LORD; O my God, be not far from me. Make haste to help me, O LORD, my salvation." (Psalm 38: 15-22).

Happy birthday, my dearest friend-- last night, had a dream of you out of nowhere giving me a hug--

A few more thoughts about those who are mercilessly persecuting me without cause. This is nothing new-- I'm used to it by now. One time when I was in my 20's on a marine highway trip at sea, some of us were asleep in the lounge when a guy high on drugs or something wandered into the lounge in the middle of the night, and headed straight towards where I was resting, shouting: "I'm gonna tear you apart!! I'm gonna tear you apart!!" Just aimless, delusional ranting by someone controlled by something dark, heading blindly towards a young man of God, trying to intimidate me. So, what else is new? We as Christians have been enduring this for millennia. Same story, same rant, same outcome-- God always wins.

Just a heads up-- [hint] (whisper...) It's probably not a good idea to anger someone who is able to protect His servants from a timeless, all-knowing place, and unlimited power, who can, however He chooses to travel, appear in the sky in a vessel larger than the sun. Yeah.
So..."go ahead...make my day!"
My life, and my character, stand for themselves...
and so does the LORD.

Some more thoughts on the lighter side of things without having to constantly defend myself. BTW, I received an official letter, a favorable response that resolved the above concerns.

Unofficial blog:
Week of August, up to 10th: Went fishing in the ocean and caught 8 sockeye salmon on the Kenai Peninsula where I was re-located by a state housing authority due to an opening in a new unit. Kind of a neat story I felt-- I was waiting outside a church overlooking the sea, and some tourists approached who had an adopted young african daughter. I mentioned to them that two years ago, there had been a fairly large earthquake centered across the bay just before Martin Luther King Day, while I was working on a MLK presentation that I had organized. I told them it was a "slip-strike" quake (tectonic slip quake) similar to the Good Friday quake of 1964.

Then I was fishing in the ocean for many hours without much luck, and around 3:00AM I clearly heard in my mind the voice of MLK saying, "if you catch a grateful heart, you might just catch a fish." Then a small skiff came by with an anglo guy and a black guy fishing, and the black guy netted a fish right in front of me.

Then my fishing improved, with two fish after a few agonizing hours, and then greatly improved the next day with a half-dozen salmon caught within an hour or so.

Just some thoughts on this-- Some people think I'm obsessed with African American issues. This is not accurate at all, but, since the shootings in the church a few years back, I did take an interest in defending Black Americans, especially Sandra Bland and held a picket sign outside the courtroom once in support of justice reform, even though it was an isolated incident of sorts in an area with racist tensions.

Also, I have taken conservative stands on the street, creating my own signs with available art, and wanted to take a stand for traditional marriage a couple years ago when the Supreme Court made it's decision. I wanted to depict a married couple, but, not an anglo-European couple, so I searched for an African American caricature couple, and found an African princess in a wedding dress holding a glass of wine. I hesitated to use it because she did look young, but she was holding a glass of wine, and was in a wedding dress, (which I paid for) and the art was just amazingly beautiful, so I used it, along with a Hawiian guy. Sure enough, someone shouted, "why don't you marry your daughter!" So, I found another image of an asian caricature married couple. The point is that I was judged by my choice of art which is just fine at close range, but was greatly misinterpreted.

I'm not an artist, but I do ok on a good day. Another time, I was protesting non-traditional marriage and had too much color on my sign and a car with several teenage young ladies came by shouting: "* u, *aggo*t!!" So, I went home and re-did my sign.

I'm done with protesting non-traditional marriage. I've made the point. If I have any relatives or friends, or anyone who might be afraid to meet me thinking I might be judgmental, please don't hesitate. I don't judge people based on their choices in life, and I would not say anything hurtful or judgmental. I'm not the most macho-alaskan guy around either, and am in touch with my artistic side, and the creative musician within. I'm definitely not a hunter and have a hard time even whopping fish. I've decided I like them better alive, but, there are millions of them swimming up the river. I think I'd rather have someone else catch them next year.

Here's a good story from Seattle to show a point:
Back in 2013 I was living in Seattle and was standing at a bus stop with my mind kind of meandering and I found myself looking at a dude wearing a dress and I started thinking absentmindedly, "you know, that dress works on that dude." I snapped out of it and said, "I better get back to Alaska-- I've been in Seattle too long."

This is TMI, but, I learned a lot about myself from my recent traumatic marriage last year (2016). This was the most lame marriage any two people ever entered into. It was pretty much..."well, we're neighbors...we're lonely...we're the same age...maybe it would work out." She began pressuring me for intimacy and I said not unless we are married. And I was thinking aimlessly, "it might be nice to see what it was like," since I had never been in an intimate relationship. It turned out to be a traumatic experience. I didn't enjoy pro-creative expression at all at my age, and found it to be a traumatic burden of incompatibiliy. I would even get married without sexual intimacy in the future. It just wasn't an enjoyable experience. So, TMI, but-- too much is better than paranoid speculation and no information.

I will never get married again unless I am deeply in love with a lady and sexual relations are optional, as opposed to sexuality which is a different issue.


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