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  1. You like my post on streams yet do not add me as a friend? what gives KIM!???!?!? this is such a mahershallalhashbaz type of move..... :P....after knowing me for so long you pass me by without even a glance like shopping cart wrangler at cold.... :l jk
  2. Awe!! Thank you!! He’s been doing wonderful since we came home from the hospital... we are doing well considering he’s a newborn lol... and lack of sleep sucks but it’s ok. It’s worth it for my little handsome prince! ^_^
  3. I think some people feel they get a bit of righteousness by looking for and pointing out other people's inconsistencies, not realising that Jesus saved us, all of us, including our inabilities and weaknesses (not meaning we continue to be the same after being touched by Jesus - but that's another topic). I honestly feel bad for those who feel this because of the guilt they carry realising that they too are no better than the others. Such is life, I'm just glad that Jesus freely gives. It's up to them to receive it or not.
  4. You're most welcome, sister! Have an excellent rest of week too ... it will be weekend in no time.
  5. Yay! You're back!
  6. Hehe. School, ugh, yeah. Right now I'm pausing my online lecture to get a breather. I got 19 months left to finish so I'm eager to see the days fly by. I noticed you weren't on for a week or more and I was just about to say whats up then I saw you were already back haha. I see you've been busy, yourself! Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk? (cue: the werk song) I hope you're doing good as well and glad to hear from you. Would be really awesome to meet you too we could go shopping and stuff. Sephora.
  7. Kim kim kim kim! Just dropping by
  8. God bless you today Seoul/Kim. I really don't have any particular reason to say this, but I get annoyed by people who say they don't have time to love everyone? Why not ? I ask...sure we can only love those who cross our minds or cross our paths, but who cares who that is? For God loved me, why can't I love anyone and everyone?

    It never costs a disciple anything to follow Jesus; to talk about cost when you are in love with anyone is an insult. If I am dead to the right to myself, everything I do and say in His name is abundant life lived out - period. So, for no reason at all other than loving Jesus, and loving you - May God richly Bless you today! Let's get to doing our life in Christ shall we?!!.
  9. Yeah it can get addicting to some. I could probably make a new Skype account... hmm good idea. My old account has friends I'd rather not talk to anymore lol. I'm so bad but it's the truth. Ugh, cc should have like an IM or something.
  10. I wish you had Facebook.
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I'm kind of like the Harley Quinn of the CC Singles Forum.

Pleased to meet you.

The voices are telling me to tell you to stop by and say hello...

Just an ordinary girl with not-so-ordinary perspectives.

For those who have known me for years on this site, I'll never leave CC permanently without writing a thread in Singles to say goodbye... Unless, for some reason, I'm not allowed to do that.

I may take breaks, but I would never choose to just silently disappear altogether. Please feel free to drop a PM if we haven't talked in a while, or even if we've never talked. :)
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is that you're totally unpredictable." -- Anonymous CC member.

"You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down."-- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.


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