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I agree with this article I would say exactly the same word.

by KALYNA18 on 8 Hours Ago at 06:02 PM
When one gentleman met another, regardless of whether they knew each other, they were to shake hands. We were taught that a gentleman did not shake hands with a lady, unless she extended her hand first.
And then we learned that these rules did not apply in the world of traditional Jewry.
People of the opposite gender do not even touch each otherThe practice of the traditional Jew is different. The rule is that people of the opposite gender do not even touch each other, let alone shake

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origin of handshaking from

by KALYNA18 on 9 Hours Ago at 05:05 PM
. Most agree, however, that the handshake predates written history, and is therefore somewhat difficult to track down. The earliest records we have of the handshake are from the Egyptians:
The Egyptian hieroglyphic of the extended hand represents the verb, ‘to give’. This symbol finds its derivation in the shaking of hands which represented the legend of the handing over of power from a god to an early [earthly?] ruler. Hence the Babylonian ritual (circa 1800BC) in which the king clasped the

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Hand shaking is not required as a Christian ritual, rather to some disrespect.

by KALYNA18 on 16 Hours Ago at 10:21 AM
Did you know this, that hand shaking actually started from the pagan gods of Eqypt.
I find it disrespectful to force someone on another's privacy, and here's why.
Jesus was an Orthodox Jew.
As of today, no Orthodox Jew, man will touch in handshaking a womens hand.

Neither will a Jewish women shake another man's hand, ie, as only to another female.
Attending several Jewish Temples, which has been an extremely RICH expieriece of learning, and knowing the depts

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by KALYNA18 on 1 Week Ago at 06:17 PM
Valentines day, a good movie for it. Family ties are invisible, Love goes on in the Heart.

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