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I Peter 5:7, Romans 8, Ephesians 1-2, John 6, 10, Psalm 136
Beware of nutty teachings and strange opinions on this site.

Some of these teachings include the denial of the deity of Jesus' deity, the Trinity, and justification by faith alone. Some are Judaizers who claim they are observing the Mosaic Covenant, and that others must observe it to be pleasing to God. Other individuals hold weird conspiracy theories like the flat earth worldview.

Realize that many of the individuals who express opinions here are bad teachers. They may sound convincing and authoritative, but are not good teachers. Find a good, solid Bible believing church and get your instruction from there. This place is no substitute for good teaching. Christianity is a face-to-face community endeavor, and the Scriptures are clear about that. You have no idea about the character of individuals expressing their opinions here.

Regarding salvation, if you'd like to discuss it, I'd be glad to talk to you and help you with study materials and church recommendations.

I would recommend these books in particular:

What is the Gospel?, Greg Gilbert
The Explicit Gospel, Matt Chandler
Core Christianity, Michael Horton
The God Who Is There, DA Carson
Know What You Believe, Paul Little
Know Why You Believe, Paul Little
Christian Beliefs, Wayne Grudem

All of these books are written by sound-thinking, no-nonsense evangelical authors.

My email is [email protected] if you want to ask questions or discuss Christianity. My facebook page is

I attend an Evangelical Free Church of America congregation.

If you are in the USA and seeking a church, I would recommend Evangelical Free Church of America ( or Christian and Missionary Alliance ( churches. There's also an association called 9marks that has high standards ( Acts 29 also has some good churches All four have church finders on their site that would help you to find a sound, local fellowshp nearby.

Additionally there are many good Baptist churches, and other local churches that may be fantastic but it's harder to comment on those since I can't assess every individual church obviously.

In other countries, I suggest looking for a church that is associated with evangelical doctrine. There are other evangelical church associations in other countries. If you need help finding an association, I can likely find one for you.

Here is one in the UK:

Evangelicals affirm the standard doctrines of evangelical Christianity which include:

1) the full deity of Jesus Christ
2) monotheism (there is only one God)
3) the doctrine of the Trinity or Triune nature of God
4) justification by faith alone
5) authority and inspiration of Scripture
6) substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ on the cross
7) original sin
8) virgin birth
9) bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ
10) eternal reward of the righteous and eternal
punishment of the wicked at Christ's return

I suggest that you avoid any organization or individual that teaches against any of these points. Cultic or sub-Christian groups deny one or more of the above points.

Some of those include the various Armstrongite Churches of Gods (Restored Church of God, United Church of God, Living Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God), Jehovah's Witnesses, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), Seventh Day Adventists, Christadelphians, Church of Christ, Christian Science, and many of the Hebrew Roots Movement and Messianic churches.

Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches also teach doctrines I am not comfortable with. I have friends who are Roman Catholic and Orthodox but to be honest, I don't feel comfortable with their teachings as I am afraid my friends might not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Some of them do, but I can't be sure about them. I hate saying this but I do worry about them.

A main sign of a cult is that they think they are the true church, and condemn non-members. They are also generally based on the personality of one individual, who plays a prominent role in their theology.

Human nature is divisive. Many of the organizations mentioned above ultimately come from the Restorationist movement of the 19th century. Restorationists claim to be the restoration of the apostolic church, and often claim that others are unbelievers. Their behavior reflects the divisive fruit of the flesh.

For instance, with Armstrongism, it was Herbert Armstrong. With Seventh Day Adventism, it is Ellen G. White. With Christian Science, it is Mary Baker Eddy. With Mormonism, it is Joseph Smith or Brigham Young.

They also teach against one or more of the 10 points mentioned above.

My favorite Bible teachers include RC Sproul, David Platt, Michael Horton, John MacArthur, DA Carson, Alistair Begg, Voddie Baucham, Tim Keller, James White, Wayne Grudem and Matt Chandler. All of these individuals have either YouTube videos, SermonAudio sermons, or books that you can benefit from.

My favorite Christian music groups include Vertical Church Band, Rend Collective, Jason Waller, Citizens & Saints, Norton Hall Band and Dustin Kensrue. These groups generally have upbeat music and Scriptural lyrics.


"The Old Adam is drowned in baptism, but that jackass is a good swimmer." - Martin Luther


Confessions of a Former Judaizer

The ancient nation of Israel is the caterpillar, and the Church is the butterfly. Judaizers are those who claim the butterfly must don the discarded shell of the cocoon in order to be pleasing in God's sight. However, they are inconsistent because they don't observe the Mosaic Covenant themselves; they only claim to. For example, few go to Jerusalem 3 times a year as Torah requires (Deuteronomy 16:16) unless they live in Palestine.


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