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I am a sincere Christian, devoted to Jesus Christ.

I believe in adherence to the teachings of the New Testament, as they were given to us (not as modified to suit contemporary appetites).

I believe in living by faith (God's will for each of us made known to us personally, including how to apply His commandments to our lives), to please God in all things.

I am not a member of any church, or devoted to any teacher, other than the Lord Himself.

I love my brothers and sisters in Christ. I believe that the love that God recognizes is the love that He Himself defines in His word, and that the Scriptures, and the Holy Spirit, must be our guides in how to genuinely and properly love God and others.

I have a calling from the Lord to call Christians back to Him in the last hour, and to warn and prepare the saints for the Tribulation; and this is the focus of much of my interaction with other Christians. (It is seldom well received.)

A few of the things I don't believe in include:

- King James Bible-only-ism. (I have no problem with the KJV---I've used it myself---but I do not believe it is the only legitimate translation of God's word, or that its translators were inspired by the Holy Spirit as the authors of the Bible were. The KJV-only movement is not of God.)

- The false doctrine of Once-Saved-Always-Saved (the teaching that Christians cannot forfeit or lose their salvation after being saved, which the Bible simply does not teach, even though many Christians believe that it does.)
Messianic Judaism (which is a heretical movement/sect, contrary to the teachings of the New Testament. Jews and Gentiles are one in Christ, with one law---the doctrine of the New Testament.)

- The false doctrine of sinless perfection (the teaching that Christians can become sinless in this life and that true Christians don't sin).

- Prosperity gospel. (The abundant life that Jesus came to give us is more and more of Himself---the true Life of man---not a self-indulgent life of earthly treasures and carnal pleasures.)

- Denominations. (Christianity is and should be one. There should be no "pet-doctrines", no following of this or that teacher---Luther, Calvin, Wesley, etc., or division of the Body of Christ because of earthly and selfish interests. Denominations are not God's doing or His will, but a consequence of Christians being earthly in their thinking and desires.)

- "Holi"days. (There aren't any given to us in the New Testament, so I don't observe any. God didn't forget to mention "Christ"mass or Easter in His instructions for us, and we have no authority to add anything to the faith or to take anything away from it. These so-called Christian holidays are from the cult of Roman Catholicism. No Jewish holidays either. Every day is holy.)

- Zionism. (Unless it's bringing unsaved Jews into the Jerusalem above. Evangelism, not Zionism, is the love of the Jewish people.)

- Partnering with unsaved people and heretics (Catholics, SDAs, Jews or Messianic Jews) for fellowship or causes. (No, we are not one big happy family.)

- Speaking in "tongues" that aren't an existing language. (No made-up gibberish with a phony interpretation, especially not as "proof" of one's salvation. This is a mockery of the spiritual gift.)

- The necessity of water baptism for salvation. (The baptism of the Spirit is the "one baptism" of the faith that saves. Water is not necessary; water baptism is an obsolete, symbolic Jewish rite, the reality of which is in Christ.)

- Keeping any part of the law of Moses, including keeping the ten commandments as they are written in the Old Testament, rather than as Jesus amplified them and gave them to us in the New Testament.

- That the spiritual gifts have ceased.

- The false doctrine of a pre-Tribulation rapture, or a mid-Trib rapture. (The Lord is coming back on the last day of the Tribulation, and every eye will see Him when He does. He is not coming back any minute, nor is He coming back secretly. The Bible tells us very plainly when and how He is coming back, though we do not know the exact day or hour. The pre-trib rapture is a myth.)

I am very serious about the things of God (and rightly so), but I have a loving heart, and I enjoy interacting with other believers who are passionate about God.
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