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  1. He is the Spirit of Christ.

    When Jesus was filled with the Spirit that day in the river, He was filled with the same Spirit who conceived Him. When we receive the Holy Spirit, we are receiving Jesus Christ. And when we trust in the Holy Spirit, we are trusting in Jesus Christ.

    But many think that this is blasphemy.

    But I remember that Jesus said that if anyone speaks against the Father, that it will be forgiven them. And if anyone speaks against the Son, that too will be forgive them. But if anyone speaks against the Spirit, it will not be forgiven, in this age nor in the next.

    When I open myself to the Spirit's heart, all I receive from Him is sadness and tears, at the ruin of the bride.

    In Christ, and in His love
  2. oh i used to be 1joh39, and i reregestered as Cobus. I used to be banned as 1joh39, it is a long store and in the past , i stay logged in on two names , one computer here at home 1 joh and one at the office Cobus.. GBU and me and all whom seek him and worship him inspirit and Truth.. The Holy Spirit's Name is CHRIST JESUS, Check it out in the Word! If you have not already recieved it... When we refer like Paul to the Holy Spirit, I will always say... Christ Jesus, as the Spirit, and Jesus Christ as the Son of God. The holy Spirit is BOTH FATHER AND SON! I love God as much as I can!
  3. Boy are we alike, I also know the SABBATH is a condition, a place not a day.. It is a rest in JESUS! Amen!
  4. I am warmed that you ask.

    That we be conformed to His image, that is our highest calling.

    In Christ and in His love
  5. Vic, I always stand amazed how God joins His body together. How God can work with you. Whom I NEVER met, and He works with me, and when we come together we look EXACTLY ALIKE!!! And alike LIKE WHOM? Jesus Himself!!! Man we serve an awesome God. You know EVERY person God joins to the BODY looks exacly like Jesus. It is like clay from the same lump! We do not know what part of the Body we will be, but we will HAVE CONSISTANCY,,, HIS!! I thank God that I know people like you, that makes me see myself a bit better... AND SOON WE WILL ONLY SEE JESUS IF WE LOOK IN THE MIRROR... WE ARE EACHOTHER'S MIRROR!!!! That is how we are alike!!! FATHER GOD, ABBA FATHER, COMPLETE YOUR WORK ON US FOR YOUR GLORY, AMEN.
    I will be honored if you accept me as a friend. MAy the Lord have His will done in us, and I believe HE WILL!!!! Amen!
  6. I apologize to everyone for what I knew in my heart I must do. I could not stay the focus of such controversy where others could be hurt, or even caused to stumble.

    I will continue to read, and answer any messages and mail.

    In Christ and His love,
  7. And how will one gain holiness?

    In understanding Paul's writings, we must always refer back to the words of Jesus. ( I quote scripture quiet a bit, but do not give the reference because I am not quoting directly from the bible, as one is not here at work for me to use, but rather from the Spirit who gives me the scripture.) Jesus said that eternal life is knowing God. He also said that everyone who loves the light (Jesus is the light,) comes to the light, that their deeds might be manifested as having been wrought in God.

    What I have found is that any supposed righteousness which seems to come by the works of the Law are as filthy rags. God has an absolute disdain for our righteous deeds, unless they are done in His strength. Jesus said that the works that the Father would that we do are to believe in Jesus, Whom He sent.

    In Christ,
  8. I just read your rebuttal, did you not see, I used scripture to define everything. that was galatians 5. the reward of holiness is eternal life, that was romans.
  9. I write what I do because of the terrifying revelations I received whic delivered me from the grip of a great deception, which amounted to cheap grace covering my sins. I sent you a friend request because the Holy Spirit said to. I do not write to argue, but to instruct as taught by the Spirit. I do so in the love of Christ.

    I work at night, and have a job which is mainly a monitoring position. I live in the central time zone in the U. S. Where do you live?

    Please do not take offense at my words.

    In Christ,
  10. I fail to understand how your posts has anything to do with what I said. Did you friend me to say, 'no hard feelings'.
    I know I'm up all night because it is the only time I have freely to myself. What time zone are you in?? Why do you spend so much time on this site?
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