When We Walk With Him There Is No Fear,

He pours out His love upon us in endless streams
of joy. Streams of living water, streams of crystal
clear horizons for all of our tomorrows. Come to
us Lord Jesus, bring us your patience and your
endurance; your love for us is without borders and
your love is simple truth. Without You Lord, there
is no truth since You are the Prince of peace, the
foundation of our being. May the leaves of all our
trees quiver with life just as the aspen speaks. We
inherit your kingdom Your endless graces.

Nothing can stop us now, because our journey has
been set upon our hearts through our submission to
You We are not slaves by capture or force, instead
we have become slaves by our own choice. All of
what we are and who we are belongs to You This
is a vow we could never make to a mortal man but
only the immortal and infallible Jesus. We put all of
our trust in Him joyfully and without reservation.