Christ will come again. Paul explains in 1Cor.15
that some people were not believing that there is
no resurrection of the dead. He tells his followers
that if there is no resurrection of the dead, then not
even Christ was raised. So if even Christ was not
raised then all our preaching is useless and so is
our faith. It is obvious that Paul was addressing
those who were still adhering to the old law which
lead to death and there was no resurrection. As it
was in Judaism, there was no eternal life, there was
only this life. Truly though, if we don't rise again as
Jesus did, this entire Christian life is a sham. We
must believe with our whole heart and soul that we
will rise again in Christ. Of course while we are here
on this earth, we are to follow the examples of Christ.
Yes we who believe in Him are saved but as James
points out in his letter, without being inspired to live
the life of Christ, our faith is dead.