Are We Then The Image Of The Son,

Well that depends on our dedication to the examples
Jesus left us that we can follow. It also depends on
our trust in Him and our relationship with Him. There
is a difference between committing ourselves totally
to Him and coming to Him at our convenience. This
is for our own good and not to please Jesus. Jesus
came to this earth in the flesh so that we could know
the love of God. So we could learn to have faith and
to love as He loves and to do as He does. This is the
instrument of giving us a happy and fulfilled life. It is
a promise that if we follow His examples, our lives will
be meaningful and joyful. As scripture says, be happy
always happy in the Lord. This however doesn't come
by turning on a switch and we are now suddenly filled
with all manner of joy. It is a journey and as a wise man
one said; a journey always begins with the