Jesus Begins To Prepare His Followers,

Jesus prepares Himself to be the sacrificial lamb.
Some have asked how one person can save the
world from sin. Well the truth is no one person
can unless that person is Jesus. How is it that He
can save all. A simple anecdote might explain a
much deeper reality that was Jesus. If a woman
is pushing a baby across a street and a truck is
coming which she doesn't see, someone jumps in
the path of the truck and pushes the lady and baby
away but dies in the process. He gave his live so
that woman and baby could live. In a much more
complex way that is what Jesus did. It is difficult
sometimes for the human mind to fathom what
Jesus has done for us. If we think of it in a human
way, we'll never come to an understanding. But
God's ways are much higher than our ways so by
faith we must accept even those things we don't
fully understand.