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Thread: My Grace Is Sufficient For You

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    Default My Grace Is Sufficient For You

    My Power Is Made Perfect In Weakness,

    For when I am weak, then I am strong. Paul illustrates
    for us the importance of humility. This is so we do not
    boast upon our own efforts. For whatever comes from
    within us is by the grace of God. So we do not say we
    have done this and done that since have done nothing
    but by the grace of God. In all things, even the least of
    all things, we should do with the love of God. Scripture
    leads in all ways to how much God loves us. If we were
    to read all the words and master all the phrases there
    within then came to any other conclusion then we would
    have missed the entire point of the Bible from Genesis
    to Revelation. Scripture says in Corinthians that if we
    do everything scripture says but we don't have love, then
    I have nothing. Rules and regulations cannot do it, only
    God's love can bring us there.

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    Default Re: My Grace Is Sufficient For You

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