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Thread: Bruce Generencser

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    Default Bruce Generencser

    Hey, has anyone here heard of Bruce Generencser, former pastor (I think) turned militant atheist?

    He has a website and there are discussions about him on several "anti-fundie" forums, but not much else is said about him. Based on what I do know, he took a similar path to Charles Templeton, Billy Graham's former friend.

    We all (well most of us) know about atheists such as Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, etc., but I haven't read or heard much about Bruce either on the popular Christian forums or on YouTube.

    I wonder why that is the case?
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    Default Re: Bruce Generencser

    Wild guess here, but I'm thinking because militant atheists really don't give me anything to bother even finding out who they are? Sort of like expecting to learn about your spine on a recipe site. Just not the topic of the site.

    (BTW, heard of Richard Dawkins. Never bothered to check him out, and ad for the other names? You could have told me they were the backup band for Greenday and I would have believed you. Just not into that kind of stuff to care enough to find out. lol)

    Oh, and is that the name of that band? Looking at it, I'm wondering if maybe the name is Greenplay. I also don't listen to modern music to know -- just heard of them somewhere along the way.
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    Default Re: Bruce Generencser

    Something in my gut is telling me that one day, Richard Dawkins is going to eat some humble pie, and be born again.
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    Default Re: Bruce Generencser

    I saw this on a video I recently found with Jeff Foxworthy, Dennis Prager, and Ravi Zacherias discussing Richard Dawkins and hope you find it fruitful.
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