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Thread: Lessons learned from last year

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    Default Lessons learned from last year

    Lessons I learned from last year:

    Last year, I learned a lot about change to the extent that I realized to make the world a better place, we all have to start by changing the man in the mirror. If I keep doing what I have always done, I will always remain who I have always been, because nothing changes on its own accord unless something changes it; and oftentimes it only takes one person to start a rapid change. Therefore, I have determined to make necessary changes, take necessary risks and try even harder than ever.

    Also, last year I had a better understanding on the fact that life is just a vapor, it is now and soon it is no more; hence we ought to cherish every moment we spend with our friends and family, and express our love to them in words and actions because they might be taken away from us even sooner than we ever expected. Hence, I will make sure I let my loved ones see, feel and know how much I care for and love them. Therefore I am determined to laugh always, live life to the fullest, and love deeply.

    What have you learned from last year and even from this year and how has it changed your perception of life and what decisions have you made as a result of these?

    • God is and forever will be. ~KiP-S

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    Default Re: Lessons learned from last year

    i learned, don't ever have a year like that again! chhhhheeeeeezzzzzz!

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