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1. Batavia is a suburb of Cincinnati. He's not asking for money nor a ride across the country. He's asking for roughly 10-20 miles worth of ride.

2. His batteries are dying. "My batteries are dying" is something someone with a cellphone worries about, not someone with a computer. Just about everyone has a cellphone nowadays. They actually have adapters in waiting rooms at the VA so people can charge their phones while waiting for something. It's possible to still have a cellphone minus a home.

3. He's homeless and has a job. How do you think someone stops being homeless unless "has a job" gets in the picture?

4. Payday is coming. It's not here yet, it's coming. I remember the time when we had our last dime, (literally. It was one dime in my pocket) when we moved in for our next job. (Group home parents, so we may not have had but a dime at that moment, but we just got shelter and food.) We were going to be paid once a month, so there was a serious problem only owning one dime for one month! (Part of the deal was we had to buy a van, and we paid the gas. SERIOUS problem, and yet we still had a job.)

5. Christian site. Where would you go if you were stranded with no family around and in deep need? A Spine-health site?

You may well smell something fishy, but it has nothing to do with anything he said.
blue lady bug has a cat so chances are that she smells fishy fish from her fish eating cat lol!