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Thread: I Am Now Taking Up BA - BORN AGAIN!

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    Default I Am Now Taking Up BA - BORN AGAIN!

    Hi I'm Bryle,

    Just came to really know the Lord months ago. I really see lot of changes in me. Although I face battle of my original sins daily, but the progress lets me see how big God is.

    I joined here because I'm facing a real crisis right now. I just graduated from college a year ago and I feel like I'm ready to work. But my heart's desire was for Christ alone. I want to give my all, even the most important thing for me before, which is my dream career. One thing to consider is that my mom was counting on me to be a provider for the family. Our plan is for me to work abroad to have decent salary.

    I need help from you brothers and sisters. I also want to work abroad. But I kind of have this in mind that my work might divide my full attention to Him. So I thought of studying the Bible in another country. Why do I want far from home? Because I think I will be focused solely to be equipped by the Word.

    With these things I've said may I know your thoughts or suggestion? I want to go abroad, so the question now is:
    1. What will I say to my mom that in doing this (full-time studying the Bible) might not give us the wealth she have dreamt of?
    2. How do I know if my desire to go abroad is God's will?
    3. Do you know any country that offers support (like travelling fare for Bible students) just for me to get there? I don't have any savings to start this jouney, so it's really crucial.

    Hope you are filled with the Holy Spirit to deal with whatever you are facing right now. Blessings!

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    Default Re: I Am Now Taking Up BA - BORN AGAIN!

    Hi Bryle, I'm glad you took the time to post! You definitely have a situation to carefully consider there. Main thing is, you're in the Lord's hands now, and Christ will never forsake you. You'll still battle with your sins, as we all will have to til the last day, but the main thing for you to do is to continue is his Word and be a shining example to all those you come in contact with. We can definitely pray for you, and there may be some who help you out monetarily. But do this, pray for the Lord to give you guidance on where you want to go. If you have peace about it, then take that step. If not, then maybe it isn't the Holy Spirits will to lead you on that path.

    Don't put much stock into trying to attain wealth. If you're doing what is right in the Lord's eyes, He will provide for you AND your family. God has ALWAYS taken care of his children in fulfilling their needs. And sometimes He will give us our wants, if our heart is right with Him.

    I believe the US is one country that offers that support, though I am not 100 percent sure. But look around and search around, I'm sure if you attain that peace from the Holy Spirit to work abroad and study His word, then the way will be provided, and you'll have perfect peace. Blessings brother and welcome
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    Default Re: I Am Now Taking Up BA - BORN AGAIN!

    Your work will not divide your attention from God as it will be God who provided the work for you beforehand. I pray that all goes well in your endeavor to work abroad to provide a means of financial support for your mom. Glad to have you join us. Welcome to CC.
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    Default Re: I Am Now Taking Up BA - BORN AGAIN!

    Welcome to CC. Your OP will get more coverage in the Family forum. The new members forum is primarily for introducing yourself..
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    Default Re: I Am Now Taking Up BA - BORN AGAIN!

    Welcome here you can discuss with bible smart people and possibly make new friends,hope you like it here!
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    Default Re: I Am Now Taking Up BA - BORN AGAIN!


    Welcome to CC and good afternoon

    God bless you ❤
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