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New Christian Chat Members (Introduce yourselves!!!)

New to Christian Chat? Introduce yourself here! BUT BEWARE, you might get a lot of attention!!! :)

Thread: hi im new

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    Default hi im new

    Hey I used to be a JW, Then I read the bible and wasn't one anymore. Then came to Know the true God

    Im having trouble connecting to the live chat please skype me ! Zach Parmiter
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    Default Re: hi im new

    Heads up: Joining a site and then immediately requesting
    people to skype you casts you in a suspicious light. Stick
    around and let people get to know you a bit
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    Default Re: hi im new

    Welcome Zach
    But you made a few mistakes already.
    A) giving out personal information (such as your full name and how to contact you on skype). The site is open to the public and anyone can see what you say with Google or any other search engine. Admins may remove such info if they come across it.
    B) joining the site and immediately trying to get people off the site to talk raises red flags to many here. It's never a good idea. No one knows you so you look suspicious.
    C) even if you are sincere and a decent person, you don't know who you're talking to on this site. Not everyone on this site is a Christian or comes here with good motives, so opening the door for them to act on those wrong motives is unsafe for you.

    Make sure you download the chat app to get into chats. Not saying if you're Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, tablet, etc... i can't give you more direction than that.
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    Default Re: hi im new

    Welcome Zach
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    Default Re: hi im new

    Welcome here you can discuss with bible smart people and possibly make new friends,hope you like it here!
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    Default Re: hi im new

    Hello Zach, welcome to cc. I hope you will enjoy your stay here. I look forward to posting with you.

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