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New Christian Chat Members (Introduce yourselves!!!)

New to Christian Chat? Introduce yourself here! BUT BEWARE, you might get a lot of attention!!! :)

Thread: Old Christian New to Forum

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    Any body out there. Would love to say hi to anyone. I couldn't care less what is said. Even a god bless would do. Haven't got a clue about forums am determined to give it a go! By the way what on earth is a tag?

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    Hi welcome to cc. A tag is a way to lable and link information on certain websites. My son just told me that, because I had no clue. lolol So what are some of your interests.

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    Hey Tramway,

    I hope you find your way back to this thread. I saw a cute "weather forecast" on another site: the Father reigns, the Son shines, and there will be showers of blessings. If we could all just claim this for today , it'd be a great day.

    Here's praying you have showers of blessings. Ams

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