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Thread: Hope not selfish

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    But I have been very sick of late and it is scary. I have never felt this way before.I can't really eat. When I do it is just maybe a single bannanna a day and half of bottle of gatoraade.Something in my digestive system is really messed up. I havent been to the doctor yet and am really scared.
    I know many on here deserves more prayers than I do. I am going to go thru the prayer list and say a quick prayer for those who need one. I come to ask a question also. How can Jesus and God hear all the prayers that are being sent? Just the few on here is over whelming just for one person.

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    God is simply Omnipresent He is everywhere. I will keep you in my prayers brother, God bless you - Tomorrow Warrior of Christ Group will be prayer and fasting for all prayer requests we'll make sure to include you!! God bless you!! God loves you and he desires to see you healed.

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    You are in my prayers for healing.
    God bless, pickles
    Its really not that complicated, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life we are called to!
    The Joy of the Lord is your streangth!

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