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Thread: Need Prayer on major life decision...

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    Default Need Prayer on major life decision...

    Hello, I'm just 23 years old. I'n the past 5 years I have lost a multitude of family members - 2 Grandfathers, an Aunt, and my father to suicide about years ago. During this my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer (but is now in remission - thank jesus). It has left my mother and brother (13) in a position where they are financially unstable. I have put my college plans on hold (about 25 hours away from a bachelors) and decided to fufill my dream of being a police officer. I put myself through the academy and graduated this past december. I was hired on by a small police department and things were really looking great. However after a month they let me go - they said they felt my ambitions to work in other units (K9, Narcotics, SWAT) were something that their department couldnt fufil (small town departments dont need those types of units)l and that they felt I would leave after a year or two. The department said they wanted someone for the long haul (10-20 years) and no longer wanted to invest money in me.

    Now I have been out of work for 3 weeks, I am struggling to pay my rent and I am confused on what to do. My confidence has been shot. Police jobs in and around my area are dried up. I prayed to go during this whole ordeal that I will allow him to put me where he thought was the right department for me. However I am very discouraged, confused, and simply uncertain of my future. I have had so much advice from other people telling me what to do. I am so confused, and I dont know what to do. Sometimes I doubt if God even wants me to be a police officer? I just want to be in the right position.

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    Just because you have a setback does not always mean no.
    It took several years for my hubby and we wondered many times if this was the career choice, but God was faithful and he found a position with a great department before the cutoff time we had set.
    Look for whatever you can get in work but continue to persue this career if it is on your heart to do so. You are up against a tough job market right now, we were also at that time. But commit to God what you do and he will make your plans succeed.
    You and your family are in my prayers.
    God bless, pickles
    Its really not that complicated, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life we are called to!
    The Joy of the Lord is your streangth!

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    Default Re: Need Prayer on major life decision...

    Amen, and Thank You

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    dont lose faith i went through the same thing god had a plain for me i had three girls very young and i always wanted to become a lawyer but god had a plain for me so i said to god let your will be done he has a beautiful plain for u god bless

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    I'm in college right now and I wonder the same thing some times. But throughout life God gives us these ordeals to further our need and faith for in Him, the faith in Him to put us in the right position. Whatever it is God wants you to do for Him he'll put you their, just follow after him and he'll put everything in life in place for you. God bless you, and I'll pray God helps you out through your struggles.

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