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Thread: Gun shot

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    Default Gun shot

    So, Theres this boy, he was in the 7th ggrade at my old middle school.He was recently shot. I would like To mmake this known, so he can Rest in peace. Thank you
    love each other, as i have loved you. Jesus said this to us. To love. So someday, when you hate, and loath, smile to Lord Jesus, and hug someone. And start living the huglife.

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    Default Re: Gun shot

    Ecclesiastes 12:7
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    Default Re: Gun shot

    Quote Originally Posted by Huglife View Post
    So, Theres this boy, he was in the 7th ggrade at my old middle school.He was recently shot. I would like To mmake this known, so he can Rest in peace. Thank you
    How is making the fact that he was shot public, going to help him rest in peace?

    Lord, please be with his family during this difficult time..Give them your strength and tolerance..amen.
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    Default Re: Gun shot

    May the LORD heal -
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    Forgiveness Prayer:

    Lord Jesus, Divine Forgiver; make me an instrument of forgiveness
    This is the first day of the rest of my life.
    I forgive those who have hurt me deeply,
    I am leaving behind those things of the past and all my past failures and sins.
    I'm pressing on today, with a new beginning in You.
    Have your way, clear my conscience and mend my broken heart.
    Put joy where sorrow once rested.- In Jesus Name AMEN

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    Default Re: Gun shot

    Lord we pray for this boy who was shot. We pray let him rest in peace, in Jesus name, Amen!
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