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Thread: Prayer for healing of stage 4 stomach cancer

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    Default Prayer for healing of stage 4 stomach cancer

    For those who don't know Stephanie's dad has stage 4 stomach cancer and it has been very hard for him and his family, I believe in the power of prayer and I also believe in the gift of healing even though I never once seen or received it and so I am asking for those who would continually ask for Stephanie's dad to be cured of his cancer
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    My life's testimony seems to have helped many people so I am going to put it here

    When the hearts of God and a child of his make that special intimate connection a wondrous power is born and a flame ignites that can never be put out

    Jesus knew more than anyone of us-Love hurts

    The strongest among you may not wear a crown

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    Default Re: Prayer for healing of stage 4 stomach cancer

    I'm really sorry to hear that. I'll be praying for him, Stephanie & their entire family, Blain. There is ALWAYS power in prayer. Don't ever forget that.
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    Default Re: Prayer for healing of stage 4 stomach cancer

    Lord we pray please cure Stephanie's dad of this stage 4 cancer, also bless with a good health, peace, joy and strength. Lord please have your mercy upon him and bless him. Lord pleaze take care of him and heal him, also give your peace and bless the entire family. In Jesus righteous name, Amen!
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    Default Re: Prayer for healing of stage 4 stomach cancer

    Thanks for sharing, Blain. I know how difficult it must be for Stephanie and her family to see her dad go through this. Please know that I’ll continue to pray for him, asking the Lord to touch him with His healing hands and strengthen him. Be assured of my prayers for the family, as well. We serve a compassionate, loving God who cares more deeply than we can imagine and is faithful to respond according to His perfect will. Blessings to you!
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    Default Re: Prayer for healing of stage 4 stomach cancer

    Prayers are being sent up
    Its Is In his hands, Praise God

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