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Thread: Pray that the LORd would open a door

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    Default Pray that the LORd would open a door

    Please pray that if it's the LORD'S will that He would open a door for us to sell our house and move upstate.Also that He would heal my Grandma so she could be strong enough to make the move.(Would that He would heal her completely)Nevertheless His will be done .In Jesus Name Amen
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    Default Re: Pray that the LORd would open a door

    A blessing:

    May He who is in you greater than he who is in the world shine bright for all to see that you are indeed a child of the Most High God King of kings Lord of lords... may He fill you with His presence right now so that you may know without a doubt that He who created you is speaking to you and not me... may He instill in you His word , for His word is a lamp for your feet , a light on your path....may He remind you to not fear , for He is with you ; to not be dismayed for He is your God : He will strengthen you and help you and uphold you with His righteous righthand... may He completely heal and restore you for Jesus bore all diseaes and illnesses.. for I rebuke all that is not of God ..... may He protect you as you put on your full armor of God
    Your helmet of salvation
    Your breastplate of righteousness
    Your belt of truth
    Your foot gear of readiness to spread the good news
    Your shield your faith
    Your double edge sword the Holy Spirit....
    May break all the chains that bind you so that He may plant His seeds as He pulls the weeds from your field... seeds of the Holy Spirit:
    Self control.....
    May He give you all the gifts of the Holy Spirit:
    Word of wisdom
    Word of knowledge
    Discerning of Spirits
    Gift of faith
    Gift of healing
    Gift of working miracles
    Gift of prophecy
    Gift of tongues
    Gift of interpretation of tongues....
    May He extend this blessing to your grandma, your whole family and for generations to come.... may He bless you and keep you that you may dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever... this I do ask in Jesus name Amen Amen Amen
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    Default Re: Pray that the LORd would open a door

    Thank you Heavenly Father that because of your son Jesus we can cast all our cares upon you because you care for us. Please intervene for Mario and make his paths straight. We ask that you heal his grandmother and make her completely whole and that you help with the sale of the house and finding another one upstate. We seek your grace and mercy in this situation in Jesus name, Amen.
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    Default Re: Pray that the LORd would open a door

    I plead the blood of Jesus over your grandma and call her complete and whole in the name of the Lord!

    Be blessed
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    EVERYTHING is possible for him who believes. -Mark 9:23
    I can do ALL things in Christ who strengthens me! -Philippians 4:13
    With men this is impossible but with God ALL things are possible. -Matthew 19:26

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    Default Re: Pray that the LORd would open a door

    Lord, please open a door of opportunity for Mario's family to make this move. Thank You, Lord, for Mario's bright future. In Christ's Name, Amen.
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    Default Re: Pray that the LORd would open a door

    Lord bless this prayer, in Jesus loving name, Amen!
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    Default Re: Pray that the LORd would open a door

    If you refuse to learn from your mistakes, you will be poor, and no one will respect you. If you listen when you are criticized, you will be honored. — Proverbs 13:18

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    Default Re: Pray that the LORd would open a door

    JESUS is the GOOD NEWS

    Forgiveness Prayer:

    Lord Jesus, Divine Forgiver; make me an instrument of forgiveness
    This is the first day of the rest of my life.
    I forgive those who have hurt me deeply,
    I am leaving behind those things of the past and all my past failures and sins.
    I'm pressing on today, with a new beginning in You.
    Have your way, clear my conscience and mend my broken heart.
    Put joy where sorrow once rested.- In Jesus Name AMEN

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