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Thread: Daughter's husband left, have 2 very small children

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    Default Daughter's husband left, have 2 very small children

    Please pray for my daughter whose husband has left. They have a 2-year-old and an 8-week-old. They've been married 4 years. About 2 years ago, he began losing his temper quickly and giving sharp insults. When they married, they had dated very shortly and eloped. At that time, he said he believed in Christ but he didn't like organized religion. Now, he says Christians are stupid, that Christianity stole its principles from other religions and Christ was a liar. With the his temper fuse growing shorter, my daughter asked him to go to counseling and he did go, but it hasn't really helped. He told this week that he wished she would have died giving birth to the last child. She told he couldn't talk to her like that; that he needed to leave. He already had his stuff ready to go. He says he wants to get custody of them. That scares me. She'd like her husband back from 4 or 3 years ago. Please pray for my daughter and the 2 babies.

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    Default Re: Daughter's husband left, have 2 very small children

    Thank you father for restoration in this situation , and turning it all around lke only you can do , in Jesus name amen
    Thank you already for hearing this prayer
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    Default Re: Daughter's husband left, have 2 very small children

    wow. wonder why he changed so much after the baby arrived......

    Dear God You know the heart when words are not enough. Please shed Your light, love and mercy upon this situation. Please protect the small children and hurting hearts of all involved.

    Lord there is so much we do not know and we do not see. so much we do not understand, but YOU Lord tell us that we can trust in You, our Deliverer. Lord give us faith to believe in Your promises and strength to do what You have asked us to do. Teach us to have tender hearts that are not afraid to cry, but courage to face whatever life throws at us with patience and love for all those around us. especially for the ones who are so lost in darkness that they push away those they should cling to and cherish the most.
    Jesus help us to understand and speak words from the well of living water You have placed in our hearts. In Jesus name we pray, amen

    Psalm 70:4-5

    New King James Version (NKJV)

    4 Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You;
    And let those who love Your salvation say continually,
    “Let God be magnified!”

    5 But I am poor and needy;
    Make haste to me, O God!
    You are my help and my deliverer;
    O Lord, do not delay.
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    Default Re: Daughter's husband left, have 2 very small children

    Praying for all care and protection for your daughter and her children in Jesus Christ is Lord.
    Praying as well for her husband that Jesus will convict and heal his heart bringing all salvation to Him.

    God bless
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    Its really not that complicated, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life we are called to!
    The Joy of the Lord is your streangth!

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    Default Re: Daughter's husband left, have 2 very small children

    I will pray for protection, guidance and provision for them. God bless
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    Everything you are to me, is everything I'll ever need!

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    Default Re: Daughter's husband left, have 2 very small children

    At all cost don't let him take the children
    Omighty God I lift up to you this whole family in a mighty way. I pray Lord that you will remove the shackles from his eyes that satan has place there. Give her guidence and strengh Lord to get through each day. In the Holy name of Jesus I pray, amen
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    Default Re: Daughter's husband left, have 2 very small children


    Sorrow. Your poor little girl!

    Merciful Abba, I lift this family to You. You have the words of eternal life, and I ask they be revealed to this young husband. Meanwhile, please care, in Your perfect way, for this young mother, and for the precious children you've given her. Please, Abba, guide the young woman, and be her head and protection. Show her the steps in which to walk. Heal her wounds, and remind her that you are near to the brokenhearted.
    I thank and praise you that she did NOT die in childbirth, and that her babies have their mommy! I pray you will restore their daddy to them also.
    Thank you for the poster, who loves her daughter and grandbabies, and who loves You. Gracious Father, ease the burdens. Show yourself strong on behalf of this family. Thank You for loving them so very much. Please especially protect the babies, and especially the older child who has some sense of what's happening. Give the young mommy strength to deal with the exhausting day to day with an infant and a toddler, and send her help with that. May she be granted s-l-e-e-p. If she's nursing the baby, remind her to eat well, and drink enough. Help her to know that in caring for herself she cares for her children.
    Be their ALL Lord God. In the mighty name above all names, Jesus!

    Let us know how things are going?
    In Christian love
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    Default Re: Daughter's husband left, have 2 very small children

    I agree with the other posts, and will pray too.

    Men can get jealous of the children.
    It makes them feel guilty...and they don't know how to explain how they feel...
    So they show it in anger.
    I think he only wants the kids to hurt his wife.
    A wise judge should see right through him.

    If she has anyone who has witnessed his anger...
    get it documented, she will need it to fight for custody.
    If he wants to work thing out...
    She should make him earn her time, through positive actions.

    She needs to try to have a gentle and quiet spirit when she is around him.
    Men need approval and positive attention.
    If you as mom could take the kids once in awhile...
    She could work on building the relationship.
    Tell her to pray for wisdom.
    Take care and God bless, Shekaniah
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    Ephesians 6:18
    And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

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    Default Re: Daughter's husband left, have 2 very small children

    it appears to me he was mislead by men. Books, friends, youtube videos whatever. It seems that he was told that Jesus took things from other religions. What a sad story. A prayer has been sent. It is in Gods hands indeed. Your daughter needs not worry. Nor do you. For God is our great Redeemer and Deliverer. It is in our trials that His glory is most evident. It may seem dark. It may seem dire, but remember what appears to be an enemy is a brother who was taken captive into the camp of the enemy. It is true we can't fellowship with him, it is true we can't talk to him that he may see the truth. But God is there. God can bring him back, God will be the father to all, the babies, the mother, the grandmother and daddy even unto the father. It is written that continual praying gets results much like the squeaky wheel gets the oil. So our family will keep praying. We cannot untie that which has been tied nor can we straighten that which has been made crooked. But GOD can. There is no worry that will benefit you, her, him or those children. Love and contentment is key. Do you have each other? rejoice, do you have shelter? rejoice, food? rejoice. God? GREATLY REJOICE family here in CC? rejoice! GOD BLESS YOU ALL, The Lord is with you. The Lord is for you, and NOTHING on earth or Heaven above, can change that.
    -with much love, your brother in Christ Jesus-Jeff
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