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Thread: meet the parents

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    Unhappy meet the parents

    Hey everyone,

    I know a lot of people request prayers for healing and things, and my request probably seems a little frivolous, but it's a huge issue to me and I would appreciate so much if people could pray for me, and even offer a prophetic word...

    I am meeting my boyfriend's parents for the first time in 2 weeks, he is someone that I have been truely blessed to meet and I love him very much.
    the reason for my request is that when I met his grandparents a few months ago, they told him (and I quote) "you could do better" - this was not based on anything buy the physical, as they don't actualy know a thing about me, and i met them for maybe a 10 minutes.
    it was really crushing for both him and I and it has been difficult to heal.
    His parents are very very hard on him, they have always told him he hasn't done well enough (to the point of forcing him to become an engineer).
    I guess what I need prayer for is their hearts and minds to be open, I may not be a physically/aesthetically pleasing person, but I have a heart for God and Im not exactly a "bad" person :-)
    I need God to comfort us both in this time and I need to rest in HIM and not in my own understanding.
    I just want peace and acceptance.

    thankyou to everyone who chooses to pray, it is so appreciated.


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    Shontelle, I know exactly how you feel. But I will also pray not just for them but for you. These parents sound very intimidating and as much as you want to make a good impression, if they are too set in their ways (as negative as it is), you also need to remain strong and brave desbite possible put downs. Dont allow them to try and control you as well as their son.
    Even though your dating this guy, if your contemplating marriage be comforted with this: even though they may be a major annoyance in your life and his, remember that God ordains you as a couple to be strong as a unit. Together, you will have both cleaved from your parents and will no longer be under their jurisdiction so dont allow them to use the "Honour your Mother and Father" rule against you. The best way of honouring them is to have clear and practiced boundaries and if they do not accept that then they will be the ones dishonouring you.
    Hope this gives you peace on the matter,

    Oh and by the way, your boyfriends grandparents must be severely blind to think your ugly.

    God bless

    - Kiwi_OT aka Melody

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    Default Re: meet the parents

    You and his family are in my prayers.
    God bless, pickles

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    Default Re: meet the parents

    I just read this and I want to comment. The responses that you are getting from the grandparents and the parents aren't a reflection on you but themselves. They obviously have something missing in their lives and want to live a "successful" one through your boyfriend and his relationships. It's easy to be hurt because you both love eachother and you seek approval- but lets be real- you can't know a person in 10 minutes and sum them up right there (especially a nice girl!) My mother always said "Hurt people, they hurt people." Love in Jesus name

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    Default Re: meet the parents

    Dread_Zeppelin deffinatly nailed it there. Pretty much summed up what I was going to say, except said it in better words I will be praying for you, your boyfriend, and your boyfriends family.

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    Default Re: meet the parents

    (((((((((((((Huggles for giggles))))))))))))))))

    Hey Cuzin!

    Jesus I pray you would intervene in Telly's situation and Lord you would help her boyfriends family see her bubbly happy personality shine through and look beyond their own perceptions or judgements. Please give Shontelle YOUR peace and your assurance no matter what. Guide them both as a couple, in Jesus name. AMEN

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    Default Re: meet the parents

    thanks so much everyone, it's really taking it's toll on Michael and I at the moment, but I have faith greater than any problem

    yours prayers are appreciated so much


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