Christian Chat Rules

Rules for Chat Rooms and Forums

Here are our chat room and forum rules. Most of these "rules" are simply common sense and proper Christian conduct, but for reference here they are.

1. Nothing anti-Christian, or inappropriate for a Christian chat room or forum.

Please do not try to register any blasphemous or offensive nicknames. Also please do not engage in any blasphemous, profane, or improper talk, or any talk that is offensive to our Christian community.

Also, please don't post any inappropriate links in your chat profile or in the forums, or in the chat rooms (e.g., links to anti-Christian sites, sites with inappropriate content, sites promoting other religions, cults, or doctrines contrary to the Bible).

Also, photos in chat profiles should be with appropriate clothing and not provocative.

2. No conduct that is offensive or counterproductive to fellowship.

We like to welcome all to Christian Chat, but if anyone is not here for fellowship (or for wanting to know about Christianity), but simply for disrupting fellowship, offending people, whatever, then that person is not welcome.

3. No flooding.

Please don't flood the whole chat screen with your messages.

4. English, please.

Please speak mostly English in the chat rooms so that others can understand you. At least please do not dominate the voice/video chat (or text chat) with conversation in another language.

5. No worldly music, please.

We don't want to make an absolute rule against all secular music/lyrics, but most most secular music is indeed worldly (against the teachings of the Bible), and we'd really rather have Christian music or lyrics playing (or being sung) when others enter our "Christian" chat rooms! :)

6. Do not dispute the chat room moderators.

The moderators are there to watch over the chat rooms, promote fellowship, and protect the chat rooms when necessary. Their job is stressful enough. :-) Don't add to their stress by disputing their actions, especially if it involves someone else and not you. For example, if you see a moderator kick someone, and wonder why, don't worry about it. The moderator probably knows something you don't. Have some trust in the moderators, appreciate them, and respect their oversight of the chat rooms.

Also please don't be making posts in the forums about someone else's ban. It doesn't help!

And please understand that we don't have the time or energy to talk to a hundred different people (or even a dozen different people) about somebody else's ban. Leave it between that person and the moderator, please!

7. Please do not ask us how to become a moderator.

Sorry we don't accept requests to be a moderator; it is by invitation only.

8. Please do not register more than one chat nickname.

Registering multiple usernames is prohibited. Each person should have only one single identity in the chat rooms and the forums. Also if you want to change your username, understand that we have to delete your current account and let you register a new one (so you'll lose all data, though any forum posts will remain with the old username but with usertitle "Guest"). If you're not already a supporter of the site, we charge a $5 fee for such requests.

9. Please do not hang out where you do not belong.

Please do not use the Teens chat room unless you are between 13 and 19 years old. And please do not use the Singles chat room unless you are single and 18 or older. (The other chat rooms are for general fellowship and are open to all.)

10. Please let the moderators moderate.

The chat room moderators are just that: moderators. (They are not just monitors). Please allow them to moderate (i.e., change topics, steer topics, or move discussions to other rooms).

11. Please do not attempt to charter a room for your own official scheduled event/Bible-teaching/Prayer-meeting/etc.

No one should think that they can officially charter one of our chat rooms for their own special event without permission/authorization from the Admin of this site. We make this rule for two reasons: (1) we don't want just anyone setting themselves up as an official teacher of the Bible here and making it seem officially organized by us; and (2) the rooms are meant for open chat, and no room should be controlled by any particular person (except as authorized by the Admin of this site).

12. Please do not plant/spread seeds of suspicion and mistrust about CC fundraising.

Please don't go around creating a cloud of mistrust and suspicion concerning fundraising on It takes a lot of hard work, and money so people have a place for chatting, fellowship, ministry, and discussion. Creating a cloud of mistrust and suspicion makes our task more difficult. It's inconsiderate, and inconsistent to consume free of charge, the product of someone's hard work, if you go around telling others how they can't be trusted, or if you go around raising a cloud of suspicion about them.

13. No unauthorized advertising or soliciting or recruiting.

Please come to our chat rooms and forums for fellowship, not to try to advertise anything (not even in private messages to our chat room visitors) or recruit people for anything. By "anything" we mean anything -- web sites, chat rooms, forums, facebook groups, churches, groups, doctrine, etc.

Also, please understand that many users have joined our chat rooms to try to solicit donations for their own charity (or some other Christian charity). There are so many charities people claim (e.g., orphanages in India, food for Africa, etc.) and we have no way to verify these things. And besides, people don't join our chat rooms to be solicited, so please refrain.

Regarding other sites, understand that we've had too many cases of new and existing chat sites -- even Christian sites -- trying to piggyback on our site. If you are trying to build up your own online fellowship (chat site or forum or facebook group or skype group whatever), leeching off of another online fellowship (by trying to recruit its users) is not the way to do it. Whether the recruiting is done directly or indirectly, the result is the same, and we reserve the right to enforce our rule.

Example of directly using CC to recruit members.
1. While on CC using any method of communication on CC to inform them of your site or online fellowship/teaching/ministry group or venue.

Example of indirectly using CC to recruit members.
1. Adding someone you met on CC to a social networking friends list, adding them as an instant messenger contact, or communicating to them through email, and then informing them of your site or online fellowship/teaching/ministry group or venue.

14. Admins, mods, and team members from other Christian chats/forums must seek our permission.

Team members from other Christian chat/forum sites (admins, moderators, "ministry teams", etc.) do NOT have the God-given right to be in without the knowledge and consent of the CC admin team. In our experience, such Christian chat/forum "ministry" sites whose teams are in our site ultimately become very piggybacked on CC (their teams recruiting or inviting CC members, either directly within CC, or indirectly outside of CC) -- and in almost every case, in denial about it. Typically such groups also begin to appoint CC members as their moderators, resulting in even more of a recruiting team and greater piggybacking on CC. Moreover, in our experience such groups also begin to empower banned ex-CC-members as their moderators, resulting in even more challenges for Christian Chat, when such sites staffed or partially staffed by malicious ex-CC-members are piggybacked on Christian Chat.

Please understand that people who are trying to build up their own group will likely have some very spiritual sounding philosophy about why they and their teams have this God-given right to be in our site without our consent. It is quite convenient for such persons to have such philosophies, since having their teams in our site naturally builds up their own site. We shouldn't be put in a position to have to say anything about such matters to fellow Christians, but unfortunately many Christians -- including our "friends" -- have put us in such a position. Hence, this policy.

Please note that this policy is not in reference to any long established Christian chat sites, as we've always had a good relationship with other established sites, and there's mutual respect for each other's work. This policy is more in reference to new sites/groups which are often very ambitious about building up their own group/site and which naturally become piggybacked on our site when their owners, admins, mod teams, etc., are all within our site without our consent.

15. Addressing idle chatters with repeated expressed financial crises.

We've observed some users suffering repeated financial crises (partly) due to their idleness in chat/forums. Their serial idleness leads to financial crises. Some people feel compelled to assist financially after the user informs others of the crisis. Assistance can do more harm than good because it enables continued idleness. Users can become open to potential financial scams.

We reserve the right to remove such users for their own good, for the protection of users, and to reduce the workload for the leadership of CC. We encourage such users to seek assistance from a local church/ministry and be accountable to such. Also reference 1 Tim 5:9-10 and 2 Thess 3:6-10.

16. Please don't smoke or drink (alcohol) on cam.

When users smoke or drink alcoholic beverages on cam it results in complaints from members (and some may think the user is drunk, or smoking weed, etc.), so to make our lives simpler we ask that users refrain from smoking or drinking on cam.

17. No plagiarism please.

Any material posted that is not original to that post (copied from another web page or printed source) should have appropriate foot noting crediting the original source. If the material is original to you but has been copied from or posted on another web page please reference that page to eliminate the possibility of someone mistakenly accusing you of plagiarism. Plagiarism is a criminal offense and posts not following this policy will be removed. Multiple offenses by the same user will result in removal from site.

Exception: Bible verses.

Note: We may occasionally update or add to these rules.