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Thread: a resolution room

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    Default a resolution room

    Since we often see some get into rather heated debates. And often these debates can interupt or derail the focus of a thread or witness. I wondered if a resolution room might be helpful.
    A room where under the watchful eye of one or two that can remain objective , those that have an issue can work it out in Jesus.
    This would also provide a scriptural resolution to those that feel led to correct.
    Often we see a debate stopped with one or more banned, I feel in Jesus that we can be more effective and witness if we provide a place of that can resolve rather than just eliminate or set aside leaving hurt and anger buried.
    Having one or two in Jesus to help these in disagrrements will I believe fullfill what we all are called to do in scriptures in these matters.
    Also, it would be good to see those at odds reach peace in Jesus.
    Thankyou and God bless, pickles
    Its really not that complicated, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life we are called to!
    The Joy of the Lord is your streangth!

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    Default Re: a resolution room

    You have a good heart pickles. I like how your goal is to see resolution and not a break down in communication and ill feelings.
    Thank you for an encouraging post.