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Thread: Closing threads banned members start

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    Default Re: Closing threads banned members start

    It ain't that old.

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    Default Re: Closing threads banned members start

    Quote Originally Posted by seed_time_harvest View Post
    IMO,many people look at the title and respond without looking at the date of the OP,me Included,so then,

    That would put the onus on the poster for not noticing the age of the OP,BUT,IMO,ressurecting dead threads would happen less if

    There was a "promt" before a member submits their post saying something like "are you sure you want to submit your post In a dead thread?
    But then I think there might already be an option under settings--->general settings--->Under the general settings tab,scroll down to the thread and display option section,once there,you can edit your settings.

    Remember,after editing your settings,remember to scroll down a little further to save settings and click on save settings.
    IF you do not realize that the rebirth took place in your spirit then it can be confusing to your mind worshiping GOD standing in front of a physical mirror.

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    Default Re: Closing threads banned members start

    Quote Originally Posted by Ariel82 View Post
    Some of the threads are obvious started just for contention. I hope and pray that Christians will be discerning enough to stop posting in threads of people who have been banned.

    However, I have seen that is not the case because most people don't bother to check time the first post was posted...if the ok is even still active or responding.

    We get zombie threads all the time because someone feels like trolling cc..

    I was just thinking of somehow you could close the threads started by banned members, some of the more edifying threads talking about the Bible and living a Christian life might be the center of focus. Its like a scavenger hunt to find threads discussing the Bible without contention.

    (raises hands) i have been guilty of this just to be a troll... i have a problem lol
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