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Thread: Age of New People

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    Quote Originally Posted by blue_ladybug View Post
    Yes, but Maxwel, those who pose as teens, or even as the opposite gender, eventually give themselves away. Myself and certain others are very intuitive and can usually spot posers before very long. If I suspected in the least that one of those young ladies weren't who they claim to be, I'd report their butts right off. However, I HAVE seen Demi on camera in the chat rooms, as well as the other two also. So I'm 100% satisfied that they are who they claim to be.

    Oh and as far as the mods identifying posers, pedos and whoever, sometimes they catch them on their own. BUT sometimes WE have to tell them.

    I don't need to meet them in person. I've seen them on camera, and the faces (obviously) match up with the ones in their avatars. As far as if ALL the teens here are actually teens, probably not, but like I said, they slip up sooner or later.

    It's also a bit of a give away when a 17 year old female
    posts they want to know how to divorce their wife of 30 years!
    He is God and we are not.

    Quote Originally Posted by notmyown View Post
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    Default Re: Age of New People

    'posturing and posing' are very serious Crimes that we all must over-come
    along and along on our journeys, for these are 'two' very deceiving traits
    that this world teaches us from the get-go, not only on the TV, but from
    those around us at every turn...
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