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Thread: Apologetics forum

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    Default Re: Apologetics forum

    Quote Originally Posted by Angela53510 View Post
    I was just going to say I am still waiting for an Evangelism forum, to discuss ways to turn our hearts to the Great Commission, but I seem to have stumbled into a rather angry debate, so I am out of here!

    This debate was over weeks ago.

    And I think an evangelism forum is a great idea... please share your thoughts.

    Why don't you start an evangelism thread?
    Whether or not there's ever an entire forum, maybe a thread would be a good thing, and a good start.
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    Default Re: Apologetics forum

    Could be good!

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    Default Re: Apologetics forum

    Quote Originally Posted by Willie-T View Post
    Slightly? Except for CARM, most of them are dead, compared to C.C.
    Those other websites aren't just dead as in hardly any active posters, but some of them have closed down with no warning to the members. Plus, if you ever visited any of those other sites at the behest of members here, you would have found that their threads were polluted with annoying ads that disrupted the flow of the respondents. Even CARM went downhill a while back. I don't know what happened to it besides the fact that it was hacked, but even before that happened they changed their layout, which as far as I could tell after having been there for years before coming here, was not an improvement Kudos to RoboOp for endeavoring to keep the integrity of this website despite the server changes and other additions to the site, and ad free! I for one really appreciate it

    Embrace the Grace and Rejoice in His Everlasting Mercy and Love

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