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Thread: Default Mic Volume

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    Exclamation Default Mic Volume

    To the administrators,

    I know there is another thread similar to this; this is a similar topic, yet, very much different.

    In the chatrooms, many people often use the microphone. Some people's mics are set exponentially loud compared to other's. Here is an example:

    Today while in the chatroom I turned up my computer volume to hear somebody who was speaking. The next person who took the mic had a volume that was far beyond loud compared to the previous speaker.

    Is there a way to set a default mic volume so that everybody's microphone volumes are all in sync no matter what the setting is on their computer? If not, is there a way to set up a mic cut-off so that the microphone would cut out if it reached a higher decibel level than speakers can tolerate? I know that everybody's speakers have different outputs, so maybe just set a default decibel level that all computers have in common?

    For me, this is by far the largest problem I have encountered on this website to date. My speakers are built into my monitor and I do not have the money to be replacing them if they are blown out by an uneccesarily loud microphone. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Default Mic Volume

    Actually, what I think would be better is there could be something that automatically adjusted the mic volume to fit their needs. Like if someone's mic is naturally really loud, the program would automatically turn the person down.
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    Default Re: Default Mic Volume

    Unfortunately, the mic volume is subjective to each individual's hardware and system settings for the mic. This isn't something that can be changed here in CC. You'll just have to ask people to adjust their mic, accordingly.

    I know, it's a pain!

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    It seems like since you have to allow access to your microphone that they would be able to adjust volume by default, but like I said, it just seems that way and I really have no idea lol.

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    Default Re: Default Mic Volume

    The "allow access" is per Adobe Flash Player.

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