God is faithful in his word. When he said, what he said shall be accomplished, it will not come back to him void, meaning, his words do count. They do exactly what are said.
There is one thing that the devil, uses against believers, and everyone, that is a tool of fear.
IT is an evil spirit. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, for he has given us the Holy Spirit.
When I watch some movies what goes on in prisons. It is death, death, and nothing but death.
Those who come out alive, don't realize that they have been given a SECOND chance at life.
The prisons are full of murder's and God could of allowed any one of them to take that last breath out of someones nostrols, but I believe someone was praying, and that power, which is above all evil, kept that or those people alive, and they have escaped a great death sentence, to some only just to start where they left off at and some killed the hope that God has given them with a second chance.
The story blood in blood out the movie, is what happens to people in prisons daily.
Some know all to well, the game there, but those who have come out, never regain, their direction, and knowing right from wrong.

Blood in blood out, on utube, shows no value for life, no hope, nothing, but an emptiness, a darkness, a loss, a cold hard heart and death.
People have choices, what a horrible place to be, and even to be in your own prison of hate.