It was three days after I asked forgiveness for my sins and welcomed Jesus and the Holy Spirit and God back into my life and was baptized by the Holy Spirit. Yet there is still One who is coming and He baptizes with fire. This is my testimony:

This day was like no other, it was Christmas day. I had the company of a child of innocence and her family. We exchanged gifts and I gave thanks for the company which I had for I had a special gift I wanted to share with them, not a gift that comes from me for they had been given the gifts that I had for them. I must admit I was probably more excited than the children opening the gifts that they were exceedingly thankful for. In those moments evil had passed from my eyes and I was overflowing with joy even though I did not appear so.

After the gifts were opened I sat down with the innocent child who was speaking of Santa. I told her there is Another, Greater One, with a greater gift, an eternal gift that lasts forever. She said “What is it?” with an excited look on her face. I said “You can live forever… you can live forever!” I saw her eyes glaze over with amazement and awe and wonder in that moment, I saw heaven on that child’s face in that moment and I praised God. Then I added “Jesus, Jesus is the one that makes people live forever!” As my heart cried with joy for I had just told an innocent child of God the Truth and I thought I helped save a soul to GOD!

Time ceased: I thought I had to have gotten to her soul first. My time with her and her family flashed before my eyes as time and space blurred. For this child was as a child of my own, yet was not my own, and I watched her grow from an infant; For I had no child of my own, yet now I understand what a gift a child is. This child was and still is a gift to me and to her family and to all. For she is God sent all children are gifts from God. And in this moment I saw the reflection of God on a child’s face. I spent much time with her and her brother and sisters and mother and I did not suffer them to hear me speak for I knew that they had been told at least once in their lives about Jesus, but as for this child I needed to be sure she heard this truth. I cannot describe the feelings I had other than joy, the feeling of happiness that seems like it only comes but once in a lifetime.

And no sooner did I see her face turn to disappointment and scorn and my soul sank in its’ own tears of joy as I was taken back into myself. But then she smiled and she told me, “I won’t believe in Jesus till I see him.”

“Oh my Lord” I thought, “How?” My insides shouted with a loud voice: “How at such a young age with such an imagination believing in things made up and created by man can this child not believe in something she doesn’t see?!” I mourned but then I heard a voice that spoke words that could level mountains: “This is not my world that she lives in. She will know me when she sees me.” I cannot describe that comforting feeling that came over me. I smiled and laughed as I looked at the girl and said, “you will see Him, and you will know who He is.”, as time returned to space.

The one thing I know that the child may not know because it has been wiped from his story, that devil’s book that he created! The thing I know that the child does not know yet, but will know soon is: the Word of God. Jesus is still here in the spirit of truth! And people know his voice, and He knows them and He calls them by name.

The devil tried using what was going to be the greatest moment of my life to kill my soul, to cause me to lose hope for man as well as myself. To convince me that if I cannot bring a child to Christ then there is no point to try and save anybody else. The devil wanted to steal my faith in that moment where time stood still. Yet in that place between time and space, the moment of torment, the greatest sorrow I have ever felt, the moments within the moment I almost lost my faith in God again as I had before. God was with me in that one moment, (for it was only a moment) and in that time of need. God saw what was about to happen and God used it for His Glory! In the blink of an eye God turned my sorrow to gladness and comfort and Jesus wiped the tears away before they could even fall from my eyes and I was comforted in that moment.

This child of God declared herself that she will believe in Jesus when she sees Him, that’s what everybody wants to see everybody in this whole world and they aren’t even aware of it because that soul of theirs is buried in lies! The world moves so fast that a modern man cannot keep up without technology in this new age, people are as robots just going through the motions. They miss the moments that continue to pass them by like a strong wind. But that is all part of the illusion. Without technology there is no illusion to be seen. It’s just you and God and all of creation. Only a fool says in his heart “there is no God”.

Do not be mistaken though I use this technology to write to you, I use technology for God’s glory and not for the glory of myself, or for any other idol. Imagine if the whole world used technology to the Glory of God and no to the glory of themselves or others. Glory to the Almighty! I am only a man in the wilderness who sits comforted by his Shepherd awaiting the feast of the Bridegroom.

I can see how time and space stopped that day. I had all of heaven in front of me in that moment. Jesus: Savior, Messiah, Great Counselor, King of Kings and Lord of Lords and his host of heaven was before me and I saw the loving face of God in a child.

The devil is gathering his army and his spirits of lies to come against these children of God who will know Jesus when they see him. Have hope, you people God’s of kingdom who are spread far and wide. Before the devil can destroy God’s people anymore Jesus will come and bring to completion to His prophesies, for Jesus is the Spirit of prophesy and he will govern his people fairly, according to their works. For it is written.

With God all things are possible! He is coming back for his people and to reign over them once again. The devil knows it, his angels know it, the people know it and they can feel it in their bones, and they tremble, every one of them, it is as an earthquake that shakes below the ground that they tread. For they know, they know that Jesus is coming soon, and even as we know we pray come quickly Lord! Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord! Keep the faith! This is the end of my testimony unto God and glory to God on the highest.