I am praising God and sharing this praise.
My family has a long history of aches and headaches.
But we had the best quasi-large family gathering (no fat jokes! ).
Anyway, I observed my cousins' growth in the Lord and
accepted a needed conversation with different family members.
My grandmother, nearing 86, was a joy. She is a rock of prayer, and an example of perseverance.
Well, she was on my heart and God led her to my doorsteps. So grateful.
My mother relaxed. She normally works through parties, but this time she rested.
My aunt got time away from "the boys," receiving a little gals-only time. She seemed to like it.
And it was so special seeing the men bond, eventually wrapping the night up in transparent prayers and shared thanks.

Lord, I know that trials are everyday, even when we think we are "in the clear."
But this does not mean I should worry, or hesitate to give you praise for "good times" or "better moments."
The fact that stands when all else cannot: You are Faithful.
For this, regardless of what a day may hold, Thank You.

Now, please help us to repent where needed, to love you, and express your love toward others, withstanding the Enemy-- as the Body of Christ. Your will be don, in Jesus' name, amen.