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Thread: I used to smoke meth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infusion View Post
    Do you feel really guilty when you come down?
    Anyway remember when you sin the mind tortures itself.

    I saw this from a like and realized I did a bad job explaining myself. I grew up around it all too but my friends were not users all dealers and some well known around a few cities. I am not part of that life anymore or I would not be talking about it on here. I also did all the drugs, as in every single mainstream drug I was on at one time or another. I dont do any drugs now, I just smoke plants and have no desire to stop, plus its legal here and I am a med patient. I cant really explain it but I never sin unless i couldnt help it because I knew it made the mind torture itself and thats what really kept the users on the drugs. Making sure to live as pure as possible kept me selling drugs and not using them if something traumatic happened in my life and they were always close by. I know this is kinda a messed up motivation for morality but its so true its been tested and approved on a business model. Also when selling drugs karma comes back in concentrate and alot of street level players really think, or I would rather say they know that sin made bad things happen in life. Yea everybody is different and some might collect skulls but I mean generally normal people around the neighborhood (City neighborhood is like 1000 country towns). Super paranoia has you think that way I guess but I think its true. I could never find a high level dealer on Sundays. Anyway the point is they all know that sin makes you want to go back to doing drugs if you are trying to quit. Plus you cant be trusted. I feel like I am talking like a nerd kinda so everybody can understand what I am saying and I cant get the exact words and its coming off hazey but I think you get the point.
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